7 Ways to Disconnect and Reconnect with Your True Identity

In today’s world, we need to disconnect in order to reconnect with who we are in Christ. Here’s 7 practical ways to do just that!

7 Ways to Disconnect and Reconnect

Over the past year, I sought to disconnect — in order to reconnect. In doing so, I’ve been blessed and able to reconnect with King Jesus, my wife, my children, my true friends and my purpose. I can’t even begin to tell you how much clearer, exhilarating and meaningful my days are now.

Do you yearn for an experience like this? If so, here are 7 ways you can disconnect (and reconnect) with your true identity:

1.) Rid yourself of all non-essential devices

Multiple TVs, computers, tablets, game systems, and smartphone systems in a home equates to several hours of missed interactions each day – meaningful conversations, family dinners, and opportunity to engage in family game nights.

Take inventory, trim the fat, and get rid of the excess! Share devices, accounts, and limit the use of them.

For my family and I, we’ve went down to using two TVs, a family game system, a laptop, and two cell phones (while combining personal and work phones as applicable).

2.) Streamline applications

What I mean by this is to delete/deactivate all applications which take you away from Jesus, spouse, kids, friends, etc.

For me, I have two apps on my phone – the Bible and my banking app. That’s it. No social media and no news. I have turned off all notifications; except for phone calls, text messages, and emails (for work).

When I pick up my phone I’m doing it with a purpose – to communicate with a person, read the Word, monitor finances, or “google” something. The only websites I visit are DailyPS, Google News, and a handful of company Facebook pages. I’ve also organized my screen to only show my Bible, messages, and mail. All other apps are put into a “utilities” folder and recalled when needed.

Be radical in this item! Streamline everything to the max for two weeks and then make modifications as absolutely needed.

3.) Delete Accounts

Hang on to your hats for this one; some of you are about to flip out…

Delete. Your. Social. Media. Accounts.

Yes. I said it. Delete them (or at least deactivate them for three weeks).

We, as a culture, are addicted to ourselves and other mindless material thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr and so on. Get rid of it ALL. If you feel like you have attended a funeral during the first week of your separation, you’re addicted and you have a problem!

Newsflash – Jesus didn’t have a Facebook or an Instagram! He had the Holy Spirit (which has every network already established) and He visited people in person with intention! We should to!

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Now yes, social media CAN be a good thing. I mean check out how DailyPS started! But if we can’t separate ourselves from these accounts and reconnect along with seeking personal interaction first, we need to renew our hearts.

Enough said. Just delete the accounts and bookmark the Pages you can’t live without. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

Also clear out your email inbox! Unsubscribe from junk mail and aim to keep your inbox empty… archive what you must; but de-clutter the rest!

4.) Date and reconnect with your Better Half

My wife and I started a monthly date night last year. It’s an intentional night set aside each month for just her and I. Some nights are classic fancy date nights; while others are just above a trip through the drive through in sweatpants. The point is we set time aside to pursue one another.

It’s been pivotal in our marriage. We communicate better, we understand one another better, and we love better. Reconnecting makes a difference.

Even if it’s a lunch date while the kids are at school or a spicy rendezvous at home, take the time to pursue one another as Christ pursues us! You won’t regret it.

5.) Seek true friends

In the age of Facebook “friends”, I fear we have lost the meaning of “friendship”. One thing I learned when I shut down my social media pages to focus on my family and career, is that I quickly found out who my true friends were. I discovered who would pick up the phone to call and chat or who would send a text message inviting you to coffee.

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We must be intentional in our relationships, folks. God created us for true, authentic, in-person fellowship. Don’t neglect it!

6.) Ask Jesus to Job Shadow

This has been one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in reconnecting. Have you ever asked Jesus to hop in the car with you as you head to work in the morning? If not, do it. You may be surprised how anxious He is to join you. He’ll chat with you during your commute, He’ll join you at the water cooler, He’ll help you at your work station, and you’ll start to see Him in places you wouldn’t expect.

Just remember Jesus is faithful and His Spirit is ALWAYS with us!

7.) Chill with Jesus

Grab your morning coffee and sit down with Him on the porch, at the kitchen table, or in the backyard each day. Read, pray, and listen. It’ll be the most precious part of your day. I promise.

Today is the day to disconnect and reconnect with your soul and the One who made it. We must stop zooming through life and missing the many blessings among us… Be Blessed!

Question from Dan, the author.

Which of the 7 points in this post spoke to you the most?

4 thoughts on “7 Ways to Disconnect and Reconnect with Your True Identity

  1. 6.) Ask Jesus to Job Shadow – This has been something I’ve been working to implement. Thanks for sharing it man!

  2. This is a fantastic list Daniel! If we want radical change we have to….wait for it….make radical changes. I really enjoyed your post and plan on cleaning up my phone and deleting alot of unneeded apps because of it.

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