A Short Message by Judah Smith That Changed My Life

This short message really changed my life. It gave me a greater perspective of what Jesus did for me. I hope that it encourages you as well!

Judah Smith

I’m doing something different with my post today. This is not how I normally share content on DailyPS. However, I clearly heard God tell me to share this short message by Judah Smith. I believe that God wants to use this to change lives! Take just a few minutes to watch the video below.

Jesus died for us while we were still sinners; we have been saved by grace.

Most Christians acknowledge and “know” that they are saved by grace. But, we then think it’s our challenge and task to get ourselves out of sin. But, that is not the gospel of grace. Our greatest challenge is not our lack of discipline, devotion, or focus. Our greatest challenge is truly believing and understanding the gospel of grace.

Jesus’ blood is sufficient for your salvation. His blood is sufficient to sustain you through every challenge and every sin and every temptation.

I am a very disciplined person, but, like everyone, I have days of weakness. Sometimes I mess up and find myself living sinfully. I often ask God, “Why am I not stronger?” Basically, I’m asking God why my self-discipline is not strong enough to overcome temptation and sin. The truth is, the answer is not found in my own strength. It is found by surrendering and accepting what God has already done for me through Jesus.

It’s still Jesus. It will always be Jesus. It will never stop being the power of Jesus.

My biggest takeaway from this video is that it is not about me. It’s all about Jesus. I need to stop putting myself in the spotlight by trying to be the one to overcome my sin. I need to surrender it to God. Overcoming sin will never come from my self-discipline. It only comes from a place of surrender before God and understanding of the gospel of grace. I need to remember that I am Barabbas.

Judah Smith is the lead pastor of the City Church in Seattle, Washington. You can learn more about his church here.

Question from Alex Sanfilippo, the author.

I'd love to hear from you. What did you think of the video? Did you bawl your eyes out like I did? (Don't answer that) What was your biggest takeaway from this message?

Written by Alex Sanfilippo

My mission is to live a life honorable in every way to God my father. I am passionate about building disciples and strengthening the church. My daily goal is to be a positive influence on the people around me and to make the world a better place.

15 thoughts on “A Short Message by Judah Smith That Changed My Life

  1. Definitely an eye-opener. I have been struggling with trying to become a better person, able to overcome my lack of devotion. But it’s not up to me…it’s up to God. I have to turn everything over to Him, everything.

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  4. Hello Alex,
    I preached a sermon a few years ago discussing the way Barabbas is a great picture, or type of us. It’s one of my favorites in Scripture.

    Also, Barabbas actually means Son of the Father. God is called Father, but Satan is also called father; Jesus told the religious leaders they were of their father, the devil (John 8:42-44). So when the Jews had to choose between Jesus and Barabbas, they were actually presented with the choice between two sons of the father:
    • One Son had God as His Father
    • The other son had Satan as his father
    Without hesitation the Jews cried out for the wrong son of the father.

    Interestingly, some bible also make the point that Barabbas’ first name was Jesus, which makes his full name, “Jesus, Son of the Father.”

    1. thanks for sharing this comment. You have a lot of wisdom on this topic! I did not know that about the name Barabbas. That’s really cool! Also, I checked out your website/blog… Great stuff Pastor Scott! Stay in touch sir. Thanks again for your valuable feedback!

      1. Will try to do that AJ. Thanks for checking out my site. If you comment on any of my posts, I’ll make a point to make my way over to your blog and do the same.

  5. Wow….that’s all I can say after watching that video, but this part hit me right between the eyes;

    “For Jesus knew that the father would have to treat Jesus like Barabbas (me) so he could treat Barabbas (me) like Jesus.”

    Thank you so much for sharing this video Alex!

    1. Man that’s what hit me the hardest too… “For Jesus knew that the father would have to treat Jesus like Barabbas (me) so he could treat Barabbas (me) like Jesus.”

    2. This is what really hit me as well!

      “For Jesus knew that the father would have to treat Jesus like Barabbas (me) so he could treat Barabbas (me) like Jesus.”

  6. Yes indeed…it is Jesus, lest we we ever forget, it is Jesus, that suffered for our transgressions. With holding nothing…I surrender all…with holding nothing.

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