Who We Are

We’ve found that the world can be negative and hateful at times. So, we share content focused on positivity and love. We bring a positive Paradigm Shift to brighten your day!

DailyPS is a community of Christian content creators and Christian bloggers. We will always be a volunteer community of believers that aim to help lead others closer to Jesus. Meet our leadership team:

Joshua Delp

Joshua Delp

Podcast Host + Lead Author
Lisa Delp

Lisa Delp


In addition to our leadership team listed above, we would also like to acknowledge our 130+ scheduled authors and guest authors. Thank you! We appreciate your contribution!

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Why We Exist

DailyPS is on a mission to create a global platform that continuously expands and positively impacts people’s lives. Our content reaches people where they are and through what they enjoy reading about. We believe through our platform, Jesus will be made known throughout the world and more people will be reached because we exist.

Cultural Values

1. Sharing Jesus Christ and building his Kingdom through our content.
2. Helping people grow and develop into a great version of themselves.
3. Leaving a positive lasting impression while expanding our reach.
4. Publishing relevant content for our audience.

Our History

In 2013 DailyPS started as a daily encouraging text message distributed to less than 100 people. This transformed into sharing encouraging posts through social media alongside the texts. Many people who were following began asking for posts to be explained and expounded upon. This is when DailyPS.com launched and we began writing blog posts. Today DailyPS has over 1300 blog posts with more than 100 members on the team.


Would you like to talk with a member of our staff? Please email us directly at contact@dailyps.com – We’d love to hear from you!