You’re Blessed More Than You Know


Do you know how incredible blessed you are?  There are so many little things that we (first world population) take for granted.  The fact that you can read this means you are not one of the 774 million people in the world who can’t read or write a single world (  Can you imagine going through life without being able to read texts, emails, or a book to your children? Let alone trying to find a good paying job to support your family.

The phone or computer you are reading this on also puts you in a distinguish category 99% of the world would kill for.  Did you know the median average income worldwide is $10,000 (Gallup)?  There are some of us that spend that much in a month or two between our mortgage, credit cards, restaurants, etc….  Imagine trying to feed your family on that for an entire year.

Please don’t feel bad for being blessed, that’s not what I am trying to get at.  There is nothing wrong with accumulating wealth and living a comfortable life style, it’s a gift from God.  Where we need to be careful is that we don’t get too comfortable and begin to feel we are entitled to a certain life style or certain things.

Luke 12:48 tells us “…From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded. And from the one trusted with much, much more will be expected.”  Are you treating your possessions like they are Gods and asking him what you should do with them?  The bible tells us we are stewards on Gods behalf.  He has given you your house, car, bank account, kids, big screen TV, speed boat, etc… Do you feel like you have done a good job managing these items for God?  If there was a big board meeting with God and he asked how his portfolio was doing he put you in charge of, what would your presentation look like?  Would there be pictures of you whining and crying because you didn’t get the Lariat package on your new Ford truck?  Or would there be pictures of you using your new truck to help someone at church move their mom into the nursing home?

Everyone likes nice things and wants a comfortable life style.  But let me remind you that Christian living is not an easy and cushy life style.  I had a hard time with this once I rededicated my life to Christ.  I instantly thought that blessing would shower down upon me and life would just be gravy.  When things didn’t turn out that way I became mad and frustrated that I wasn’t receiving what I wanted.  Through various avenues God showed me I was wrong for feeling and thinking this way and issued me a challenge.  Every night when I would pray I was to say one thing I was thankful for no matter how big or small I thought it was.  The other side of it was that I couldn’t repeat the same item I was thankful for within a 30 day time frame.

I want to issue the same challenge to you and your family.  Whether you thank God during your prayers, journaling, devotions, or whenever, take time to tell God what you are thankful for that he gave you.  God loves a thankful heart because not only does it show a loving devotion to him but also a faith/surrendering that he has control over your life.  And I can speak from personal experience that this challenge will change your perspective on life in a huge positive way.

Written by Garrett Thompson

Joshua 1:9 - I’ve commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go. (CEV)

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