Bringing God to Work [Podcast]

In this episode of the Paradigm Shift podcast, we cover the topic of bringing God to work. Two business professionals discuss their best practices for being a Godly influence in the workplace.

Bringing God to Work [Podcast]

In this episode we’ll hear from two marketplace professionals. We’ll get to hear about how Alex Sanfilippo and Jared Graybeal are bringing God to work. In today’s world this is becoming more difficult than ever before. Listen to this episode/view the notes below for some best practices on bringing God to work.

Episode 10: ‘Bringing God to Work’ Notes

Question: Tell us about your background in business. What do you do?

Jared Graybeal owns multiple businesses. His two main businesses are E3 Business Solutions and Superfit Foods. Alex Sanfilippo primarily works in aerospace as a director of commercial operations but also owns a coaching firm.

Question: How have you implemented Godly principles into your company?

It’s not just about telling people you’re a Christian. It’s all about your actions. That is the most important part. In order to truly implement a Godly atmosphere it’s going to start with how YOU carry yourself. 

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As a business leader, you can implement Godly principles into your training and into your meetings. Naturally this brings like-minded people into your organization.

Question: What recommendations do you have for Christian business owners or aspiring business owners?

1. Being a successful business owner starts with you. Implementing Christian perspectives into your work starts with your personal lifestyle.

2. Be honest. Let your staff know where your mind is at. Any chance you get, remind people where you stand with God, without coming across as pushy.

3. Preparation is key to bringing God to work. What you do before going to work is going to set the tone for your entire day.

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Question: Any final thoughts?

Everyone has a purpose on their lives. When you struggle to bring God into the workplace, have you considered that you may be in the wrong line of business? What is your purpose and passion?

Remember that bringing God to work starts with you. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do; it’s up to you to glorify God with whatever you do.

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  1. This was a great listen! The way we conduct ourselves in the worokplace will speak louder than any bible in our hands or on our desk.

    Our Spirit led words and actions will look different to the world in the workplace and that will provide an opportunity to speak of our great God!

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