Beware of Burnout


“90% of the people entering ministry DO NOT RETIRE from ministry, they either quit or have some sort of moral/ethical failure that disqualifies them.” – Perry Noble (

What a staggering number, 90%! It is so important to learn from someone else mistakes in this subject! I believe this statistic is just as important for people who are volunteering at a church in any capacity. We are not only giving our time on a specific day/night of the week but also working or going to school full or part time. We have a lot on our plates when we are serving God so it is majorly important that we do not fall into that percentage of people who quit or have a major moral failure along the way.

I have compiled 5 Signs you are heading towards a burnout in hopes that they would help us notice the signs before we actually burn out.

  1. You are beginning to despise people and your compassion for them is decreasing instead of increasing.
  1. You continually tell yourself and loved ones that “this is just a really busy season and that you will slow down soon”. (However, the truth is that you have been singing that song for years.)
  1. You begin to make easy decisions instead of the right ones… because the right ones take too much work!
  1. You cannot remember the last time you simply had fun with your friends and family… and joy is something you talk about but are not experiencing for yourself!
  1. You are experiencing unexplained depression and/or anxiety. You may even be having panic attacks.

Any of the signs are easy to get to when you are not giving yourself rest and refilling your spirit with the Holy Spirit. We must take time daily to seek God and hear from him – not just stop our day for a few minutes and talk to him. We must sit and have a 2 way conversation with God and make sure that we are reading and meditating on God’s word. We also need to make sure that what we are doing for God is actually what He wants us to be doing. He will give us strength to get through everything we need to for His kingdom!

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I believe that this 90% of people working in ministry end up quitting or having this moral issue because they either felt too alone or too ashamed to speak to someone about what they were going through. This brings up a very important fact that WE ALL NEED close Godly friends and accountability. We need people who will support us and help stay on the straight and narrow and let us know when we are slipping! Who are these people in your life? If you can’t name at least 2 people that you know how you are doing and what you are dealing with then your homework is to seek out 2 people that are willing to be there for you and call you out when it is needed.

Written by Alecia Sanfilippo

My Goal each day is to glorify God, love my husband and to positively impact everyone I come into contact with. One of my callings in life is to help people further their relationship with God and to make more disciples for the kingdom of God.

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