Christian Masculinity and Why It’s More Important Than Ever Before

Masculinity is something we’re seeing less and less of in today’s world. Christian masculinity is no exception. This is becoming a very serious issue...

Christian Masculinity and Why It's More Important Than Ever Before

This post is unlike any other we’ve shared on DailyPS. This is an audio file of Alex Sanfilippo and Stuart Luck having a deep conversation. During this conversation, they cover the topic of Christian masculinity and why it’s more important than ever before. Alex and Stuart requested that we comment that this is being shared out of a place of love and a desire to help. They are not looking to offend or make anyone angry.

This audio file shares a very serious problem in the world today. The topic of Christian masculinity matters to both men and woman. (It’s important for women to know what a Christian man should look like.)

When we asked Alex how he and Stuart define Christian Masculinity, he said “We look at Jesus. He sets the masculine standard. That’s what a man should look like.”

Stuart has written released many publications on the topic of manliness. Here are two that you should read: How To Be A Man Of God and How To Be A Man Of God Part 2. (Seriously, don’t miss those posts!)

Christian Masculinity and Why It’s More Important Than Ever Before Audio Timeline:

  • 0:01 – 9:31 (Introductions)
    • Who We Are
    • Stuarts Testimony
    • Background in Ministry
  • 9:32 – 13:08 (Disclaimer and Why We’re Talking About This)
    • This is For Everyone, Male and Female
    • Christian Masculinity is Dying – Masculinity is getting attacked in the world today.
  • 13:09 – 31:20 (The Mindset of Masculinity)
    • The effect our Minds Have
    • Boldness – Many men, even Christian men, we have a defeated mentality. This needs to change.
      • Aggressive
      • Strong and unwavering
      • Speaking and seeking the truth
      • Positive Mindset
      • Risk Takers
    • Definition – Christian masculinity is defined by the word of God. It all starts with the Bible.
  • 31:21 – 47:38 (Testosterone is Under Attack)
    • What Testosterone Does
      • Testosterone in average males has dropped by 30% in the last 30 years.
    • How to Increase Testosterone
    • Getting Tested
    • Fitness
    • Nutritional Habits
    • Manly Community – Men need other men. They need to spend time with each other.
  • 47:39 – 59:45 (Culture)
    • Movies and TV
    • Society
    • Offense and Agreeableness – The greatest fear in this generation is hurting people’s feelings.
  • 59:46 – 1:10:05 (What Can We Do About This)
    • Christians Are the Worst
    • Create Culture around Christian Masculinity
    • Take Ground in Politics and Hollywood
    • President Donald Trump + His Comments
  • 1:10:06 – 1:19:00 (Wrapping it Up)
    • Where Do You Start
    • Know What’s Happening
    • Nutrition and Working Out
    • Remember Your Voice

That’s what Alex and Stuart have to say on the topic of Christian masculinity.
Our best guess is that they ended the conversation something like this:

As Christian men and woman, we need to promote and encourage Christian masculinity. At one point in history, we defined it. We need to get back to this foundation. Christian men get into community. Woman, help support and encourage men in this, we look to you more than you may know.

What is your perspective on this topic of Christian masculinity? Comment below!

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  1. Christian men are created to have children with their wife and god gifted us all with sex that Jesus never had.

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