Christian Resources

DailyPS is just beginning to provide helpful resources for Christians. Below we have our two eBooks listed and in addition, an offer to write with DailyPS. Yes, we’re looking for more writers! We’ll be adding more to this page in 2020 that will help you grow and develop!

WE NEED HELP! Want to write for DailyPS?

Christian Bloggers Wanted [The DailyPS Team is Expanding]

DailyPS Limited Time Exclusives:

Making 2020 Your Best Year Yet [Free eBook from DailyPS]

Free Christian Dating Book from DailyPS [Finding Love]


Additional Resources:

Our resources are devoted to helping you expand your influence, and help others. The vision of DailyPS has always been to help people find Jesus in a way they never have before. Because of this, we want to offer you the below, completely free, resources. These are all hosted with our parent company, Creating a Brand. (Also founded by Alex Sanfilippo) Again, these are completely free and all focused on helping you: