An Open letter To Anyone Who Has Ever Considered Adoption

Considered Adoption

I often get asked who and what makes a good candidate for adoption. Usually what comes after this question is a list of things that people feel have made them ineligible for the task. However, lately I have been overwhelmed with the burden that nothing can disqualify you from something God has called all of us as Christians to take a hand in.

Nothing can disqualify you from something God has called all of us as Christians to take a hand in. Click to Tweet

I have heard a lot of gut wrenching stories of institutionalized children. Stories of hundreds of babies lying in a crowded room who have stopped crying because they know their needs will never be met. I have personally known children who go without food so long that eating feces because it’s not only normal but a necessity to survive. I have heard of abuse and neglect that when I have a moment to comprehend it brings me to my knees and with all of this knowledge that floods my mind on orphaned children I have to ask…

Are you married or are you single?
Are you a 20 something who has never been a parent before or a 50-year-old whose children are raised and moved away?
Are you someone who’s always dreamt of having kids, or someone who’s never really given it a second thought?
Do you have a big house with empty rooms, or a tiny apartment that may feel bursting at the seams?
Are you someone who has the means to take in another child or are you someone who prays to make ends meet?
Are you someone who is overwhelmed at all the variables that could go wrong or maybe someone who is just hopeful for all the things that could go right?

Are you any of the things? Then you’re perfect.

Because I know someone has told you that your life circumstances have disqualified you for bringing a child into your home. Your too old, you’re too young, you’re too busy, and it’s too expensive.

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I am here to tell you that all of that pales in comparison to the image of an orphaned child. I am here to tell you that anyone who opens their home to a child in need will never find this task in vain. If you have a beating heart that is willing to serve the lord the answer is yes. Yes, I will open my house, my life, set aside my comforts so that maybe that baby who never cried in an institution would bump his knee and come running to me because for once in his life he trusts someone will care for him and just maybe my tiny house and busy life would still be better than the life this child lived previous to coming into a family.

As I sit at a monthly play-date with other adopted kids and watch our babies run around I am in awe. I see what this broken world had tried to claim over these sweet children’s lives and I see it overcome with the goodness that has now become their lives. More than anything I see the redemptive power of an almighty God who used a bunch of incapable, unqualified people to just be obedient to a call. A group of people who probably had every reason in the book to say no but did it anyway.

So I ask you, you with the tiny home, or the stretched finances. Would you pray about it? Would you ask God if this is something He has planned for your life? Would you dare to debate with your own list of “why it would never work”? I promise you, if you jump God will catch you and it will be the greatest adventure of your life and perhaps not just your life… But theirs.

My Prayer Today

Father I pray for open hearts to follow your leading! I pray for families to begin to pray about adoption and what that would look like for them. I pray for families to open up their doors to adoption but if not their doors, they would bring support to people who are ready to take on the task. I pray for an urgency to sweep over us as Christians to take authority over these precious children and their futures. I pray for excuses to be released as they can no longer hold us back from the things you have called us to do. I pray that whatever part each Christian has in adoption that they know it is for your glory. I pray that you confirm in the hearts of your people who no task is too small, to begin to make a giant movement in the world of adoption. Thank you father that you yourself adopted us into your family through the death of your son Jesus Christ. We know we are not deserving of this but we stand humbly before you and forever  give you thanks. We are overwhelmed with the magnitude that you allow us to mirror the gospel in our lives through adoption. It is in your precious name we pray, Amen.

Written by Shauna

wife, pediatric nurse, dog lover, adoption enthusiast, mama to two littles from central america, daughter of a king, lover of missions & global awareness in at risk communities.

6 thoughts on “An Open letter To Anyone Who Has Ever Considered Adoption

  1. This is amazing… Beautifully written about who each of us and where we are at, and eye opening to what the life of future generations look like without our help. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. This truly touched my heart today and brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing, and absolutely I will pray about it. As Christians, we should be willing to pray about absolutely anything that God may want to use is for to bring Him glory!

    1. Thank you so much for reading Brian. I’m so glad to hear you are open to praying about it. Who knows maybe God will catch your heart on fire for adoption like he has ours. Its such a honor to walk out whatever glorifies him!

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