Do What God Asks You To Do So You Can Be Free

Do What God Asks You To Do So You Can Be Free

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1). Do you believe God wants you to be free? Do you believe He is able to free you? If He asked you to do something, but you didn’t know why, would you do it anyway to be free? Stop and really answer the questions.

God will take you up on your answer, if it is yes.

A couple of years ago, my wife Kelly asked me to pick up her grandma’s car. As I was walking up to her door to get the keys, I felt God ask me to drive over to my house where I grew up. I had no idea why, but I did what He asked me to do.

It was dark outside as I pulled up to the house. I turned off the car and said, “Alright God, Why am I here?” I felt Him say, “What happened here was not your fault. There is nothing you could have done to change it.” As tears ran down my face, I knew exactly what He was talking about.

My whole life changed when I was five years old.

It would never be the same. I still remember my Dad coming into my room and sitting on my bed. He explained to my brother and I, that he wasn’t going to be living with us anymore. God had to take me back and visualize a situation so He can expose a lie that I didn’t even know I believed.

God is still showing me today, how my identity and self-worth, relationships, and my overall outlook on life as a child and as an adult, were all adversely affected because of my parents divorce. Unfortunately, each lie I believed, built upon itself, like a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up snow on each rotation. Both my parents remarried while I was young and began new families. As a result, I often felt like a puzzle piece that no longer had a place because the picture had changed.

If what I am saying is bringing back some painful memories and you want to be free from them, then here is what you can do next?

The only way to bring healing is to forgive your parents. God cannot heal relationships, which in turn brings truth that sets you free, if you do not forgive. It was not my parent’s intention to hurt me. They loved me, while they themselves were going through pain too. I imagine the same would be true about your situation. Once I forgave them, God was able to peel back the layers and expose the lies.

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As God would reveal another lie that I had believed, I would reject it and accept His truth. Now, I am happy to say that the picture might have changed, but God is continuing to reshape me so I am a puzzle piece that fits. God has restored my relationship with my parents.

When I asked God, what He wanted me to write about. I felt this overwhelming urge to share this part of my story. It is either for you or someone you know that needs to hear it. If your parents are divorced, re-read what God told me that night. It is for you! Ask God to speak to you. Choose to forgive so He can expose the lies deep in your heart. Including the ones you didn’t even know you believed.

Do what God asks you to do so you can be free!

Written by Chad Witt

My special part to play is to encourage and empower God's sons and daughters to transform so they can EXPERIENCE all their freedom in Christ - that we have already been given. Seek to know your Father, embrace who You are uniquely in Christ, and know you are empowered to play your special part.