Does God Really Love Me? [Podcast]

On episode 5 of the Paradigm Shift Podcast Sean Kernohan answers our questions on the topic of God's love. "Does God Really Love Me?" ANSWERED!

Does God Really Love Me

In the fifth episode of the Paradigm Shift Podcast, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Sean Kernohan on the topic of God’s love. Sean answers the question ‘Does God Really Love Me?’ Sean has been an author for DailyPS since 2014 and focuses on the topic of God’s love. You can listen to the podcast through YouTube or you can click here to listen on iTunes.

Podcast Episode 5: “Does God Really Love Me?” Show Notes:

Question: Many Christians and even people who are not Christians feel that Christianity or following God is based on performance and following rules. We often view God as our King and Judge; which is true but He is also our Savior and King. What are your thoughts on this?

When people thing of God, they think that no matter how far along they are in the journey, they feel like they should already be able to run with God and be mature in Him. God is not looking at your performance. He is a father, not looking to discipline you, He is looking to love you. God sent Jesus to die for us for this very reason.

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Question: What are some practical ways we can remind ourselves and others that God truly loves us?

When Jesus died for you, you hadn’t sinned yet. Jesus didn’t die for the sins you already committed; He died for the sins that you would one day commit. He died for your future sins. God isn’t surprised by your sins. If we can remind ourselves of this and remember what God did for us, we’ll remember how much He loves us.

Question: What does this understanding of God’s love mean for our lives? What should our actions look like?

If you have to love others. You have to serve others. Truthfully, none of us deserve God’s grace, but the fact that God has still freely given it to us needs to become a reminder to us to serve others. God didn’t have to do what He did. He didn’t have to send Jesus. You also have a choice, you don’t have to love others, you don’t have to serve others. But, that is exactly what Jesus has called us to do. We need to follow Jesus’ example that He displayed while on earth.

Question: Any final thoughts that you want to share?

Jesus loves you. When you finally understand and realize this, it will 100% change your life. Know that you will never deserve God’s love, but He loves you anyway. When you fall in love with Jesus, you’re life has to look different. The most important thing you can do with your life is understand that God truly loves you more than anyone else every can or will.

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