Donald Trump may be right

Donald Trump

The presidential candidate Donald Trump has stirred up the waters of our country and made quite a few people mad recently, by saying that we should close our boarders to all Muslim immigrants. Other presidential candidates have said that this is unconstitutional and he should be kicked out of the race to be president.

However, Trump’s statement IS actually¬†constitutional. Based on the fact that the U.S. Constitution is for citizens of The United States of America and not for any and all people who want to come to our country. This is to protect the American citizens! When will our country wake up and start to stand up for our freedom? Hopefully before we lose all of the freedoms we now have…

We all need to learn and know what our rights are and what our constitution actually says. Closing our boarders to certain types of people is not a new concept, watch this 4 minute video to hear more and to see how we have actually closed our boarders to certain groups of people in the past! (See below)

As followers of Christ it is our responsibility to know what is going on in our country, pray to God for discernment on who to vote for and do what we can to turn this country back to God. I am not saying that Trump is the right candidate to vote for, that is between you and God, my only point is to think for yourself. Overlook what is considered politically correct and also what the media is saying.

Written by Alecia Sanfilippo

My Goal each day is to glorify God, love my husband and to positively impact everyone I come into contact with. One of my callings in life is to help people further their relationship with God and to make more disciples for the kingdom of God.

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