Don’t Do the Devil’s Job for Him

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Do you find yourself making it your job to control things? Do you stress out about things that you can’t control? If you’re anything like me, it’s more often than you would like to admit. God reminds me ALL THE TIME that He is the one in control, not me. Can we control everything that goes on in our lives? No. Letting go is something I still work on daily.

When we take control of our own lives, things are never as good as when we let God have control. If we are controlling our lives, then we are the ones making decisions about our lives instead of aligning ourselves with the will and the word of God.

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We can not do the devil’s job for him. The devil wants to come in, cause division in all areas of our lives, in the lives of those around us, and in the Kingdom. If the devil can get us to do his job for him, he can sit back and watch us crumble.

The need for control does the devil’s job for him because:

  1. It causes us stress.
  2. Makes us anxious.
  3. Creates division between us and others.
  4. It delays our obedience to God’s plan.

If we are under stress  and anxious, we are not trusting God. When we trust God and focus on His plan, we will be overwhelmed with a supernatural sense of security and comfort.

At the center of division is the problem of control. Division between people happens when both sides are fighting for control and neither is willing to fight for unity. When we fight for control at the expense of unity, we are doing the devil’s job for him.

“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.” Luke 11:17 NIV

Christine Caine says “delayed obedience is still disobedience“. When we take things into our own hands, we are telling God that we think our plan is better. We eventually always come back around to His plan because His plan for us is always better. There is not a better example of this than when I avoided serving in the kids ministry at my church. I used to work as an Assistant Director of a preschool in town. At church I did everything I could to avoid serving in kids since I worked with kids every day during the week. Guess what? I now serve on staff with the cKids team at Celebration Church. By delaying my obedience because I was trying to control things and do things my way. I spent two years avoiding the exact place God wanted to place me.

Here are 4 ways conquer your need for control:

  1. Align yourself with God’s word and His will.
  2. Take your issues to God first. When you do take it to another person, seek to tell them what God did in your life instead of seeking validation in your need to control things.
  3. Pray. Ask God to help you give full control over to Him in all areas of your life.
  4. Give grace to yourself and others.

What have you tried to have control over that didn’t turn out well? The good news is, it is never to late to hand it all over to God! Do not take on things you were never meant to carry. God is waiting and willing to take it back.

Written by Vanessa Sheridan

Simply put, I love Jesus and want everyone to know Him for themselves! I have a desire to reach people of all ages through the local church! I'm passionate about living a God First Life and helping people realize their full potential through Christ Jesus. I believe that it's never to early to share the Gospel with a child and it's never to late to share with an adult. P.S. #GoJaguars

4 thoughts on “Don’t Do the Devil’s Job for Him

  1. I would alter the order of your suggestions to overcome the need for control…

    1) Pray… which means to pray daily as Jesus taught. Pray is a discipline and is not easy. Once you get a spirit of prayer though, it is a great deal easier, and you will find you cannot live without daily prayer.
    2) Pray… with faith, or forming a dependence upon God, and deny your own ability to solve problems.
    3) Such dependence upon God means that we are like “little children,” who take everything to Him.
    4) Understand what Jesus meant by not “being like the Gentiles.” Gentiles, through Japheth, are very controlling people. They like to run things, as the three of the four kingdoms of the Dream of Nebuchadnezzar indicates. This is a fault and needs to be confessed and separated from, to avoid this.

  2. Wow, Vanessa. What a great reminder, especially over the last couple of months. We are not able to do anything successful within our own power, or under our own control. “When we take control of our own lives, things are never as good as when we let God have control.” So good!!

  3. “If we are under stress and anxious, we are not trusting God. When we trust God and focus on His plan, we will be overwhelmed with a supernatural sense of security and comfort.” – so true! I’ve certainly been learning this more and more over the past 2 years at my job. Thank you for the reminder and the 4 points

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