Dr. Oz Features Faith on His Show

Dr. Mehmet Oz says it is important to take care of the body and soul and believes having faith and being thankful is part of it. He teamed up with Preacher and Hollywood Film Executive DeVon Franklin to bring Faithful Fridays, a month of faith.


They have spent a lot of time speaking about faith since DeVon’s first appearance on the Dr. Oz show. Devon says it is so uncommon and generous to allow him to participate in the show. It was not in the plans and organic. Dr. Oz wants the subject of faith to grow it even bigger. He stated that his mother-in-law is a minister. They wanted the audience to spend time thinking about the good in their lives for for 30 days called the “Blessed 30 Challenge.” Pastor DeVon said that he wants people to walk out after this challenge with more faith and hope.


“Dr. Oz. you have millions and millions of viewers. Why give faith a platform on a show that really educates people on their medical health?” Dr. Oz responds that the body and the soul is one of the most valuable things ever. He feels faith is something value that he wants to present to his audience. The show invited pastors to speak for Faithful Friday “Team of Power Preachers.” The power preachers are Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, Priscilla Shirer, and Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong New York. As a doctor, he has seen people who should not have made it and pulled through. There is no way to explain these occurrences he says and it is beautiful and it reinforces his faith.

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When Pastor Carl Lentz comes on the show, he was asked to preach about the energy of religion. He mentions to the audience that many people are lost and he knows that because the two most googled questions are, “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?” Pastor Carl says we need to talk to the designer of life, and the King of heaven and Earth gives us clues to where we need to go. He ends with telling everyone to pray to Jesus to help them.

Written by Carmen Bass

I came to know God through many trials and tribulations as a young adult. I have a peace and strength that is truly God given. My heart is to bring the lost, hurting, and broken to Christ. I strive to live my life to show people God's love, mercy, and grace.

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  1. This is really cool! I’ve heard great things about this guy. I actually didn’t know he was bold about his faith.

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