What Do You Have Faith For?


A common saying throughout our generation is ‘just have faith’. Which is all fine and dandy until it becomes an almost automated response, like a robot. We get so used to saying we have faith that we completely dismiss what the term actually means to us.

Definition of faith: Complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

So what is faith and what do you have faith for?

If faith is a strong belief, even in the things you cannot see, what do you have faith for right now? In this moment in time, what are you so strongly believing in? Even though the math may not add up and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, where does your faith lye?

To restate the definition of faith, it is a “Strong belief in God… based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

There will not always be proof of things lining up and adding up. There will be times where we will have to blindly trust in God, above the situation and logistics of it all. That is the true definition of faith, to trust even when it does not makes sense or look like it’s lining up.

Every day should be a step of faith. To wake up and trust that no matter what the world may throw at you. No matter what temptation may come your way. You are going to put your faith in the One who is bigger than all temptation. He is more powerful than any storm you are facing.

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Trusting in the One who created the world and formed you uniquely in your mother’s womb. Trusting the One who knows everything from the beginning of time all the way to the end. We put our trust and faith in Him because we know that He has the strength to pull us through our situations. As we accept Him in our lives, we receive His strength and power inside ourselves! We accept His power over our situation, circumstance, and even past slip ups.

To put our wanderlust minds at ease, God never expected us to be perfect.

That is exactly why He sent His son to die for our sins, fully knowing that we would get it wrong from time to time. We can wake up and do our best every day to represent Jesus and do our best to be more and more like him. We will not always get it right. But, so long as our hearts are in the right place intending to do our best, that is all that God can ask of us. He asks for our best wholeheartedly!

Let me say this another way.

God gave us Jesus to pay the ultimate price for our sins. He knew we would mess up every now and then. So why when we mess up, instead of learning and moving on do we beat ourselves up?  Why do we wallow in self-pity for so long? As long as your heart desires forgiveness and your mouth asks for it, God will give it. Once that is done, accept the wrongdoing, learn how not to do it again, and move on!

God moves on, so why can’t we?

God forgives us, so why can’t we forgive ourselves? To have a life of faith is to know that God has a better plan for our lives than we have for ourselves. Faith is knowing that no matter what our current circumstance, or recent slip up looks like, God still has a plan and our best interest at heart!

Faith is not easy because we make ourselves too uneasy to accept His love!

Settle your emotions, focus your heart on God, and allow His peace to overcome the things you are facing! He made us strong through His wonderfully, beautiful, and mighty power. We have to take heart and have courage enough to receive that loving power! Faith is not seen, it is felt. Deep down in your heart, you may not be able to see it, but you can feel it.

“Complete trust or confidence…  Strong belief in God… based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

There will not always be proof, but there will always be God.

Written by Sarah Thompson

Anyone can point someone in the right direction, not everyone can help guide and walk with people along the way. Just a helping hand on the journey to everlasting life.

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  3. Yes Sarah, faith in what Christ has achieved on the cross will always be a stumbling block for those who demand answers to everything. That’s why having debates with atheists often leads to nowhere. https://escapethebox.blog/

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