Staying In The Fight


Will you fight or fall in defeat?

I think my Pastor said it best, “All we have to do is fight, we don’t have to win, we just have to fight”. It took me awhile to understand this but I know it’s because the war has already been fought and Jesus won when He paid the ultimate price. All we have to do is fight.

No football game, no matter how much of a blowout it is finishes early, even if it has clearly been won. The players don’t just walk off the field with 5 minutes to go, no, they keep fighting until the end.

It’s like boxing, to the boxer in the ring, every punch is exhausting, every hit is brutal, but they don’t stop until the bell rings.

Too often we all stop and allow the enemy to get in one more punch, one more hit that may take us out. We can’t give the enemy the knock out over us. We have to stay in the fight, keep swinging, no matter how terrible it may seem. I’ve seen some pretty sloppy and ugly looking matches but the person with the most hits takes the win.

How do you stay in the fight? You don’t stay down.

A righteous man falls seven times & rises again. The wicked stumble in time of disaster & collapse. Click to Tweet

Do like Walt Disney said, keep moving forward. Despite what’s going on around you, keep moving forward. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow and it’s just a day away. However, that day is not promised and can only come by living for today.

Want to know how to fail in the face of adversity? Give up. Give in to temptation, give in to fear, don’t listen and believe the promises of God, don’t seek God in the midst of it all, wallow in self-pity, don’t have people around you who will encourage you and intercede for you even when you can’t on your own, when the enemy takes a strike just stay down.

Or, rise up, keep fighting! We’re not all perfect but we’re listening and following a perfect God who can only help guide those who CHOOSE to follow Him! Don’t be a coward, if the enemy strikes and you stay down, you are choosing to bow down to the power of the enemy. We can never give the enemy more power over our lives than we give God. FALL on your knees crying out to God but STAND FIRM on His promises, to defeat the enemy’s lies.

Lies are false and bear no weight. Promises are truths that are every flowing and never ending.

Face adversity with a face of confidence! It’s easy to be confident when you know what you stand for and Who’s standing with you!

Don’t feed into the lies, starve the lies and feed the truth. You’ve got to feed what you want to grow in your life and starve what you want gone. So it’s time to rebuke the enemy and not feed into anything we don’t want to grow. It’s time to feed the positive things in our life, it’s time to be more optimistic despite what society or the enemy is trying to tell us. It’s time to be bold!

How do we fail? By: Giving up. Giving in.

How do we succeed? By: Standing firm on God’s promises! Always getting back up!

Written by Sarah Thompson

Anyone can point someone in the right direction, not everyone can help guide and walk with people along the way. Just a helping hand on the journey to everlasting life.

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