Finding Your Purpose: A Light Unto My Path

When a ship is taken out of the water, it is removed from it's purpose. Do you ever feel like you have been removed from your purpose? Many things in life make us feel at a loss. This post contains my recommendation for you to rediscover yourself.

Finding My Purpose: A Light Unto My Path

A stranded ship calls forward thoughts of loss, sadness, and images of the past. Ships belong on the water. A ship without water feels useless. There are times in our lives when we feel like stranded ships, calling for the deep water to give us purpose.

Perhaps you have been involved with a career that no longer inspires you. Or perhaps your marriage feels automatic and lacks passion. Maybe you are facing a major decision like which college major you should choose or which company should be your employer. Regardless of the situation, the feeling is common across these instances.

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We are overwhelmed with a feeling of loss. We no longer know our purpose. Even when we call out for a sign and receive only silence. “God, why don’t you speak to me?” we cry out. We pray, and we ask God to show us the way. Still, we feel alone, helpless.

For those searching for answers and seeking advice, I recommend turning to scripture. It is in the word of God that I found my purpose.

Psalm 119:105 spoke to me in my darkest hours. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” I spent many years pursuing a goal and ignoring my gifts. I did what others expected of me, often sacrificing my own happiness. Then, I read God’s word with a hopeful heart. Each time I read scripture, I hear God speaking to me, instructing me. He lights the way, and it is up to me to follow.

The path might be filled with hills and valleys, but He walks with us. We learn to persevere and to help others along the way. He calls us to love our neighbors, and it is through this love that we will change the world. Our potential is endless. We can move mountains if only we have the courage to step out into the wilderness. God is our shepherd. He will protect us.

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When you find yourself feeling like a stranded ship, turn to God’s word. He will renew your spirit and help you sail into deep, beautiful waters.

Question from Maria Macik, the author.

What are some ways that you've turned to God while feeling lost?

Written by Maria Macik

Growing up Catholic, I knew Christianity as a series of rituals and rules to be followed. Once I was old enough to think critically about religion and faith, I began a personal relationship with God. I no longer saw Christianity as a set of rituals and rules. Christianity became about love. It involves a deep desire to help others and spread the message of God. Using my gifts, I became a scholar and a writer, and I hope to use my work to inspire.

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  2. Beautifully written, Maria! I love how you ended it: “When you find yourself feeling like a stranded ship, turn to God’s word. He will renew your spirit and help you sail into deep, beautiful waters.”

    Thanks for sharing!

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