Ever had a flat tire?

flat tire

Not too long ago, I had a flat tire. For a couple of days I drove around with the spare. Its amazing how, in such a short time, I had grown accustomed to having the spare tire. I would cringe whenever I went over bumps, I was nervous whenever it rained, I even felt a little embarrassed driving around with it. Well, even after it had been fixed and replaced, I found myself operating as if I still had the spare. As I drove over a bump I cringed, when it was raining, I was uneasy.

This made me think about how we are as human beings when we get hurt. When we experience something that makes us feel damaged or broken, some of us (Even after God has come in and fixed it.) still operate out of that brokenness. It made me realize how quickly we can develop shields, walls, and guards towards things… even things that have never even hurt us before. A great example of this is trust issues. On my way to church one morning, I realized what God has been trying to teach so many of us throughout our lives: How to continue on in full restoration and confidence after you’ve had a flat tire, or in our world been hurt by a friend or loved one. It made me ask myself the question, Did I just patch what was wrong and what hurt? Or did I allow God to completely replace it with His love and power? Because a lot of us are like cars and sometimes if we’re not careful we can crash into someone else and it can hurt, and sometimes it can even feel fatal…

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He is our hope! He is our confidence! You are not damaged, you have been restored to better than you were before!

But God! But God is the ultimate healer, the ultimate restorer. He is our hope! He is our confidence! You are not damaged, you have been restored to better than you were before! And you need to know that you are worthy, beautiful, and wanted! Let God restore what once crippled you and now is haunting you…He is the Ultimate Restorer and Physician!

Written by Kristy Simpson

I am a Christian wife, daughter, entrepreneur and friend partnering with others to fight the good fight to grow God's kingdom and change the world 1 life at a time. My desire is to lead others to truly understand the abundant life God has called us to, and to teach the importance of the renewing of your mind and forgiveness. I have an incredible husband who teaches me daily in the beautiful art of faith and often times inspires me to write. My passion is for this generation of God's disciples, because I believe we are the ones who can make a difference!

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