Will Jesus Be Part of Your Fourth of July?

Regardless of your race, occupation, or the neighborhood you live, in if you are proud to call yourself an American, the fourth of July has meaning...

Will Jesus Be Part of Your Fourth of July

Regardless of your race, occupation, or the neighborhood you live in if you are proud to call yourself an American, the Fourth of July has meaning. For some, this meaning may be as simple as a paid vacation day from work. The holiday that represents the birth of our great nation may mean a special get-together or cookout for your family. Yes, the day is unlike any other. However, for some of us, we can’t help but feel concerned.

I want to make myself very clear. This is not a political message. It’s not an attempt to show how a group of people are right while others are wrong. Instead, it’s a desperate plea for change.

When I first received the email that our site was looking for a themed article for the Fourth of July, I was on vacation with family in Chicago. The email caught my attention, but I was on a train headed to Wrigley Field to watch the World Series Champions. Because of this, I was unable to give it much thought. However, as soon as I returned home, I jumped at both the opportunity and the challenge. Here it goes.

It’s time for a change.

Whether we want to admit the fact or not, things are a mess right now. In my opinion, this isn’t the result of an election. This mess isn’t because the country is too right or too left. I think it has more to do with the church-going soft. Yes, I said it. We, as the church, have gone soft.

We have allowed ourselves to grow comfortable with being bullied by a government that doesn’t know any better. As followers, we have allowed the voice of the enemy to become louder than our own. As parents, we have become more concerned with where our children will attend college than where they will spend eternity.

There are signs in our yards that say Trump or Clinton, but we don’t leave the house with our Bibles unless it’s Sunday morning. Instead of changing our surroundings with our faith, we listen to politicians that tell us praying in public is wrong until there has been a shooting at a baseball game. How long are we going to sit in the pews begging God for a change before we finally have experienced enough and start one?

You can be the difference.

No, we are not going to take the United States of America by storm. But, we can talk to our neighbors. We can invite the neighborhood for a cookout and allow other families to experience us grab our children by the hand and thank God before we eat. We can stop using words such as higher power and start reminding people of Jesus and the cross.

Instead of focusing so much on the rest of the world, we can use the Fourth of July to begin changing our world. The people and places we come into contact with daily. Once we have done this, other communities will take notice. They will want to be part of the change and blessings our families are beginning to experience.

This country began as a blessing from God. Thousands and thousands of people prayed and begged Him for the opportunity to become a sovereign nation, similar to how many of us are praying now. The difference is, they took action.

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Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I am not calling for revolution or anything along those lines. I’m calling for revival. Let’s start taking our Bibles to work. Let people talk. Eventually, someone will begin asking questions. Sit at a booth in a restaurant and let others see your family pray. If you do it well enough, someone will complain.

Represent what you believe

If you are a man, you need to know that being a Christian doesn’t mean checking off your manhood at the door when you leave the house. That’s known as conforming to the world, something we are not to do. If you are a woman of God, tell your husband it’s time to man up. Maybe God needs you to lead for a while as your husband enjoys the comfort of his safe place.

The last time I checked, today is the Fourth of July, which is a reason to celebrate. Celebrate your freedom. Make sure everyone is well aware of how proud you are to be an American. If you want, voice your opinion on the leadership of our great nation. But, while you are proclaiming your thoughts, don’t be one of those who is too afraid to boast about your faith.

Be the person who causes someone else to think. Use this great event to pray for someone in need. Most importantly, pray for the men and women who have been elected to lead our country. Pray for the truth to be brought to light, regardless of the result. Pray that God will create a way for you to make a difference instead of waiting for someone else.

The government is a mess right now. They don’t have enough time to reflect on the glory of God with all the drama going on. If our country is going to turn things around, it’s up to us. The church. That includes you. Happy Fourth of July!

Question from Jeffrey Stevens, the author.

Will Jesus Be Part of Your Fourth of July?

Written by Jeffrey Stevens

My greatest blessings and responsibilities in life are my wife and our children. I have a degree in theology from Aidan University and I'm the Founder and President of Gospel Grammar. My goals as a writer are to inspire others to seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage them to live a Gospel centered life.

3 thoughts on “Will Jesus Be Part of Your Fourth of July?

  1. Welp Jeffrey Stevens, I’ll just leave this right here…

    “There are signs in our yards that say Trump or Clinton, but we don’t leave the house with our Bibles unless it’s Sunday morning.”

    There really isn’t much more to say. Do you rep your God? Do you have political stickers on your car but nothing related to your faith? Do you wear designer clothes, but don’t have a single shirt with a scripture on it? Do you wear a cross necklace, or a cross tattoo, but don’t sag a single prayer? What are you conveying is most important to you? Where are you spending your time? What drives you each and everyday?

    Great read!!

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