Help Wanted! [Looking for New People to Join the DailyPS Team!]

Fruit of Your Posts

DailyPS is looking for more writers to join the team in the second half of 2018. We’ve been growing a lot. We’re reaching more people than ever before.

We like that, because we know our content helps people, and that’s what we’re all about!

Below is a list of people that we are looking to add to the team. – You may read the list below and think to yourself that you aren’t the right person to help; if you are saying this, no problem! We all have different gifts and talents, just you reading this is a blessing and encouragement to the team! Also, one thing that everyone can do is SHARE THIS POST. Again, we want to reach more people, and by you sharing this, someone may find it that is potentially a great member for the team.

Please Note: No one gets paid or makes any money on this team. DailyPS is run 100% by volunteers and will always be that way. We want people who are passionate to help reach others as part of the team.

1. Social Media Assistant
Someone will skills/expertise in growing social media reach and engagement.

2. SEO Expert
We are looking to optimize our website to better reach people who may be searching for help on search engines.

3. Lead Editor Position
We’re looking for another lead editor. Someone who is willing to learn best practices for blogging on WordPress and also who has an eye for great content.

4. Monthly Contributing Writers
We’re looking for more gifted writers who want to help lead people to Jesus. If you are interested in writing please visit the Write for DailyPS page for further instructions.

If you’re interested in joining the DailyPS team, please use our contact page, or comment below. Thanks for reading and being part of what makes this ministry so impactful!

Written by DailyPS Team

Ever since the start of DailyPS, our vision and mission have been the same. We simply desire to be a platform for writers to provide posts that bring a change of perspective to the subscribers. As we like to put it: “A Godly perspective to refocus every day.”

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