How To Adapt When Seasons Change

Seasons come and go; both in the physical and in the spiritual. Here are five ways to deal with the changes in a God honoring.

This article was inspired by the recent plight of rice farmers in the Philippines after the Rice Tarrification Bill was passed earlier this year. It severely affected the rice farming sector resulting in appeals from local farmers to provide better alternatives to reduce the unfavorable circumstances.

This is only one of the current issues that farmers had to deal with. On a greater scale, climate change, the heatwave, and the extended drought have affected a huge number of farmers all throughout the world. Seasons shifted so unexpectedly that now, farmers also have to adjust their planting and harvesting seasons.

Life, in general, is all about changing seasons.

Seasons can start out difficult and become favorable but they can also start out great and end up difficult. Like the farmers, we can be better equipped when seasons change. We can prepare beforehand and have and keep the right mindset in dealing with them.

  1. Seasons are only temporary.

Seasons always change. They are constantly shifting and that is how the natural laws of this world take effect. There are seasons that are out of man’s volition and yet there are those that man causes. Whatever may be the cause for the changing seasons, yet, they will also end.

  1. There is a time for everything.

Ecclesiastes 3 in Scripture is a better reference for this. It states that every single course of an event in this world happens according to God’s timeline. They are all predestined, so to speak, such as the time to love, the time to hate, the time to sow, and the time to reap.

  1. Look deeper into the situation.

What is God teaching us about the current situation? What is He trying to tell us? Could God is asking us to assess the situation not on what is obvious but to delve deeper into the intangible? To get to the root of it all.

  1. Help those afflicted.

Sometimes it is about extending the grace of God to others and showing them the love that He gave us. Undesirable moments are the perfect avenues to display both. They encourage us to reach out to those whom God has appointed as our brothers and sisters in Christ and lead them towards Him.

  1. Ask God for guidance.

When seasons shift, it instantly puts us in a moment of uncertainty testing our faith in God and how much we trust Him. It is a challenging moment of knowing the truth, God’s will, and what He wants us to do. We can picture it as if in the middle of a crossroad where we don’t know which way to go.

A spiritual family is not only a place where we worship God as one community, but it can also be used by God as the instrument to reveal the answers He has for our questions.

He can use spiritual mentors to help us make decisions and see situations clearer. Or use them to show us more opportunities on how to deal with a challenging change in seasons.

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As much as we would like to grow spiritually by having a personal relationship with God, He never wanted it to be the only spiritual relationship we have in this world. Fellowship with believers can be the best support that we can receive. It helps us maneuver our way through rough storms or dry spells and seasons of drought.

If you’re in a part of your life where your seasons may be changing drastically and you’re caught in that moment of indecisiveness, hold on to God. Hold on to His Word and ask for your spiritual family to pray for you. If you don’t have one yet, we encourage you to seek and join one. Always remember that seasons were never meant to be endured alone, but as a community.

Question from Christine Lailani Ginete - Rome, the author.

What season are you in right now and how well are you managing it?

Written by Christine Lailani Ginete - Rome

A Bulaneña, a Sorsogueña, a Bicolana, and a Filipina. She is a devoted Christian, a faithful wife, a prayer warrior, a teacher, a writer, a hobbyist, and an advocate. On a deeper level, you'll find her as a believer who's imperfect but driven to encourage everyone to be a catalyst for social change and serve others through God's grace, guidance, and prayers. She is nothing without GOD and she serves Him first. Not to us, but to His Name be all the GLORY. "I am confident that the good work that God has begun in me will be perfected." - Philippians 1:6

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  1. This post really spoke to me… Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been in a “busy season” due to getting sick for a few weeks – Just always feeling behind. This post really helps!

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