How to Experience More Freedom in Your Life [Podcast]

If you're asking how to experience more freedom in your life, you're not alone. Here are three things Christians can do to gain more freedom.

How to Experience More Freedom in Your Life [Podcast]

Freedom. It’s something we all long for more of in our lives. Joy, happiness and fulfillment of purpose seem to happen for the people that experience more freedom in their lives. In this episode of the Good Christian Podcast, Alex Sanfilippo shares 3 ways begin experiencing more freedom in your life as a Christian!

We live in a world that is full of more bondage than it ever has been. We live in bondage to our phones, to our highly demanding jobs, to the debts we have and to the circumstances of our lives. It’s time for us to change this.

Three ways to begin experiencing more freedom in your life as a Christian.

#1. Stop living a sinful lifestyle

(FACT: The key to experiencing more freedom in your life is to overcome sin. Read more on this topic: The Sad Truth Behind Christians Living a Sinful Lifestyle)

Here’s what I’ve learned, even Christians don’t want to be Christians anymore. When Christian feels like they are being called out for sin or being challenged to live at a high standard, they start talking about how you shouldn’t judge them and immediately get on the defensive. This is 100% wrong. Be teachable, listen to feedback, get better and look more like Christ.

Here’s the truth about sin. Sin leads to bondage, end of story. Billy Graham was once asked how he was able to be so close to God and that everything in his life reflected it. Someone once asked him, “Mr. Graham, what’s your secret for all of your success?” His response was only two words, “STOP SINNING.” (Mic drop!)

Know the word of God for yourself.
If you don’t know something is sin or someone has convinced you that it’s not, you’re still sinning. Your job is to know the word of God and live according to it.

Confess your sin, but REALLY confess your sin.
Have true accountability in your life, people that you can confess your sin to. Then turn from what you’ve been doing, don’t say sorry day after day without making a change.

Watch out for sinful habits and paths.
Your habits will make and break you. What small thing are you doing that could lead you to a place of bondage?

#2. Understand that you already have victory in God.

Simply put, this means you need to remember that in God, you have already been given victory. BUT: Outside of God, you have NOT been given victory. The key here, is surrender. Proverbs 16:3 says Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

#3. Stay positive and speak life

The world is more negative than ever before. (It’s interesting how we’re in a post Christian world and it’s more negative than ever, right?) Here’s the deal, we should be the positivity in the world.
No matter how difficult or bad your life gets, go back to #2. You already have victory in God. BE POSITIVE. Speak the right way, stop living a life full of despair and heartache. Be positive, speak life to yourself and to those around you.

Note from Alex Sanfilippo:

“I’m looking forward to sharing another episode with you next month, but until then, remember that freedom is a byproduct of growing in your relationship with God.”

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  1. As a walking miracle having recently survived a significant brain stem stroke at 44 years of age I needed to hear this today!

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