How to Tell the Difference Between a Good Idea and a God Idea

Have you ever wondered if you've discovered a good idea or a God idea? Here's how to tell the difference between the two and why it matters.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Good Idea and a God Idea

Think of a dart game. The closer you hit the dead center the more accurate you are. The more closely all your darts are on the board, the more precise you are even if they are off-target. Basically, a measurement could have precision, because of its consistency, yet be inaccurate because it is off base. In a similar way,  a good idea on its own can be consistent with human reason, yet not centered on God’s will. So, what’s with all this talk on science and darts?

As much as I know I shouldn’t seek my own fame or a name for myself. There’s a lot of pressure to build a personal brand. So I have thoughts like, “you should tweet regularly to be noticed, post-thought-provoking updates on LinkedIn, put up regular blog posts and follow best practices to get more readership.”  Thoughts like, “you should establish your web presence and voice so when someone googles you on your next job interview you have a leg up because of your brand.”

It all sounds like a good idea. But, simply pursuing all these outside of God’s counsel is reaching only for precision, not accuracy.

Paul admonished the Romans:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” – Romans 12:2

We need to be discerning of how God would have us to live. And not simply conform to the flow of culture, society or the recommendations of so-called experts. As we set our minds to not simply conform, but rather seek out God’s wisdom and counsel, it becomes easier to test and discern His will.

In seeking trueness accuracy becomes achievable. We discover the target – ‘what is good and acceptable and perfect’.

You might still tweet regularly, put up status updates and blog professionally, but it will be different.  It will be with a different heart and mindset. Not one seeking to gain attention or be self-centered, but rather seeking to give and be generous. It won’t be about making a name for yourself, but rather seeking God’s glory in all things.

So, the next time you get that good idea, or are considering conforming to what others are doing, be sure to check if it’s lacking that trueness.  Check if it’s lacking the right centeredness it needs to be a God idea. And that can only be settled by putting all things to prayer and being open to a renewal of the mind.

Question from Sho, the author.

Share a time when you had a good idea vs a time you had a God idea in the comments below.

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