How We Can Use Sports to Glorify God [Podcast]

Sports and God. Two topics that don't normally go together, right? This podcast episode talks about how we can use sports to glorify God.

How We Can Use Sports to Glorify God

In this episode of the Paradigm Shift Podcast we are bringing back a previous guest, Eric Nelson. Eric previously recorded one of our most popular episodes titled ‘The Struggles of Our Youth and How We Can Help‘. We’re happy to have Eric back! Listen while Alex Sanfilippo interviews Eric about how we c an use sports to glorify God.

How We Can Use Sports to Glorify God:

Question #1: What are some common things that cause us to not glorify God while we’re playing and watching sports?

Question #2: How can we use sports to glorify God?

It all stems from how we view God.

We know how to serve because we have been served and continue to be served by God. Let’s follow the example of Christ set before us and serve our teammates, coaches, referees, etc.

Question #3: What are some practical ways that we can start glorifying God in sports?

We will love and serve like God when we are more concerned with His glory over our own.

– Let us appreciate talents and Godly characteristics over the score and victories.
– Let us view sports through the lens of eternity.
– May our treasure and joy not be selfishly spent on sports.

– Honor teammates, coaches and referees.
– Play to the glory of God.
– Play with integrity, more concerned for displaying God rather than self.

– Praise the Godly characteristics in our children more than the statistics and victories.
– Bring to light what holds weight in eternity.
– What we draw attention to in our children will set a foundation for what they view as important.

Question #4: Any final thoughts?

We can reflect the glory of God by knowing God more. We must acknowledge that we are nothing without God and simply trying to abide by a list of recommendations will leave us fruitless unless we seek God more.

  • Reading His word
  • Obeying His word
  • Praying God’s truth to be evident, that he would equip us to be able to reflect His characteristics of His patience, love, kindness, humility, grace and servant’s heart.

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