They are human too


Today, I want to encourage you to breathe life into the relationships that you hold most dear. It’s so easy for us to get frustrated and attack the ones that we love or are closest to, because we know that they will love us through it.

I want to give you a new perspective, you know when you get frustrated with that person who didn’t do something the exact way or at the exact time that you wanted/needed them to? Or how about your husband or wife who didn’t respond the way that you expected them to when it came to issues. And don’t forget those people who just out right hurt you and you know perfectly well how easy it would be to just hurt them back and would feel justified because of what they did.

Well, that first person… they’re human beings, they’re living a life and purpose out just as you are. And maybe they went back on their word, maybe they had something bigger going on in their life that they needed to do deal with than the thing that you asked of them.Have Grace, because I can guarantee that you were that person to someone else once. Or what about your spouse, they weren’t a “yes” person, but they held you accountable for your actions. They reacted to your problems differently than how you would have… Well that’s a good thing! There’s a difference between a man and a woman! If you’re a woman, you don’t want your husband to have the same qualities as you, because then he would just be a woman, same goes to the husbands out there. If your wife reacted the same way that you did, she would lose that feminine touch that is so intriguing to you.

Now for the last one, the people who have hurt you… Sometimes just out right on purpose…sometimes not even realizing… Pain wasn’t originally created within this world, however, It does happen in our lifetimes. And that person who hurt you was once hurt and probably multiple times which made them think that their reaction was normal or okay… Well, they are human too and God loves them just as much as you.

I know it’s hard to show love to someone like that and I’m not saying you should let them back into your life, because you can love from afar… But what I’m asking is that you start to curb your words to speak life into this broken world and to breathe life into the relationships around you… Because even though people say one person can’t change the world, I believe you can!

You can change the world for one person at a time and it causes a ripple effect, so let’s start with the people that you love the most… Wouldn’t you love to help them live the abundant life that God had planned for them? Great! Now go and share and change someone’s world!


Written by Kristy Simpson

I am a Christian wife, daughter, entrepreneur and friend partnering with others to fight the good fight to grow God's kingdom and change the world 1 life at a time. My desire is to lead others to truly understand the abundant life God has called us to, and to teach the importance of the renewing of your mind and forgiveness. I have an incredible husband who teaches me daily in the beautiful art of faith and often times inspires me to write. My passion is for this generation of God's disciples, because I believe we are the ones who can make a difference!

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