I AM (Who is God?)

Has it ever occurred to you that God does not have a name? God does not have a specific name. Whatever name is attributed to God becomes God's action. I AM.

I AM (Who is God)

If we strip down all the earthly names, nicknames, similarities and synonyms; anthropomorphic identities, biblical names, scientific descriptions, philosophical understanding of the personality and identity of God, ultimately we are left with nothing but “I AM”.

Does God have a name?

Has it ever occurred to you that God does not have a name?
We are talking about a Supreme Necessary being above all multiverses. This superhuman Being does not have one specific name. The Supreme Being has all tones of name that correspond to the roles, actions and attributes.

The English grammar is economical in terms of names; therefore, it assigned only one short proper noun with only 3 words to the Supreme being. The noun is God. The noun is short, but it is significant.

We live in a polytheistic world, and everyone now has the freedom to worship anyone they see as God. Many religions teach about God and claim to have originated from God. Many people claim to know God personally. Some claim to have spoken to God. But the question is, who is the real God?

Who’s God?

Theology, as a high science overall sciences, utilizes other sciences to translate the spiritual and supernatural into natural evidence. For instance, other sciences such as philosophy have served Theology to manufacture a Theophany on the level of discourse appropriate for a human being to comprehend.

Philosophically speaking, God is a Necessary being meaning that God does not ultimately depend on anybody for existence. So God is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question for our existence. If this Necessary Being is the author of all existence, then that makes the Necessary Being a superhuman. If the Necessary Being is superhuman, that means the superhuman is powerful and boundless.

The Christian Bible alludes a physical identity to this Supreme being (God) which is ‘Spirit.’ Describing God as a spirit is a Theological attempt to reveal boundless freedom; God can move anywhere and do anything and also the ability to be anywhere at any time simultaneously. It shows that God is large to understand and to comprehend. If God was easy to understand then God is not God.


If God’s hand holds the sky to stand then other moves the planet around the sun and God’s other moves the cloud in the skype; then God’s other hand stirs waters in the seas and God’s other hands feeds birds in the sky and clothes trees with leaves and waters flowers in the desert; then God’s other hand protect you and saves you and me. Seriously, how mind-boggling is that? [that was a human attempt to describe the capacity of God]

God is more, and far beyond a personal prophecy of the description of God. God is more significant than a scientific concept about God. If the multiverse sits in the palm of God’s hand, then there would be no human grammar with one descriptive name to match the length of God’s attribute. If God has a name, then that name has to match God’s attributes.

Known names:

However, the Jewish Bible also is known as the Old Testament has all kinds of names given; these names were assigned to God based on attributes and actions. Here are 12 biblical names assigned to God based on God’s attribute and actions:


ELOHIM – My Creator
JEHOVAH – My Lord God



EL SHADDAI – My Supplier
JEHOVAH TSIDKENU – My Righteousness


ADONAI – My Master

And JEHOVAH ROHI – My Shepherd
JEHOVAH SHAMMAH – My Abiding Presence

But it does not end there. God attributes and actions run further than what human vocabulary can assort.

At this stage, you are probably wondering why God has not done more in your life or why God has not shown you God’s power? Or

The answer to that is that God is to us based on how we think of God. God does things for us on the same measure as our belief in God. Certainly, if you believe God is small, then God will be small to you. If you believe God is big, then God will be big to you personally. Our views and beliefs in God limits God’s actions and decreases God’s attributes for us.

God and Moses

You must be familiar with the biblical encounter of God and Moses at a burning bush in the Midian desert. At the encounter, Moses was as curious as you, he asked for the name of this Necessary Being in the burning bush and this Being as answered: “I AM.”

Has it ever occurred to you that God does not have a name? That’s right. Since any name God has matches God’s attribute; meaning, a name is a description of someone’s action. That is to say, when God answered Moses that God’s name is “I AM”, God meant to hint to Moses that “I AM………….” is a temple for human’s needs and expectation.

In contrast, God does not have a specific name because whatever name is attributed to God becomes God’s action. It is why God meant to say to Moses that “I AM …. Whatever you believe and think of me [and to Israel].” I AM

The image of our lives is a direct reflection of our beliefs, trust and view of God. Consequently, We experience deficiencies based on our trust levels in God and the names we’ve given to God.

Question to you.

What do you think of God?
What are the names you’ve given God? [or you just use other people’s names given to God] Who is God to you?

God gave Moses an excellent opportunity to believe for more, Moses did, and we are. You would receive more help from God only until you change how you see God. God says to you:

“I AM more than what you think I AM”.

And “I AM” is an opportunity for you to choose how you see God.
God attempts to show us how big and great he is.

“I AM” Is a blank check of opportunity, and you write how much you want from that check.

That is to say, if you insert what you think of God and what you want God to do, God certainly will do it. If you insert any names in front of “I AM” then God becomes just that. Let me help you.

For Instance:

I AM…Your [Healer]……. I’ll bring healing.
If I AM…. Your [comforter]…… I’ll bring comfort.
If I AM…… Your [saviour]………I’ll save you…. I’ll go to the cross again if I have too.
If I AM…….Your [protector]…….. I’ll protect you. Why are you afraid? Why?
If I AM………Your [blessing]………. I’ll bless you, and you’ll even run out of space.
If I AM…………[The one that protects your marriage]. The one that’ll fix your finance,


In conclusion, the way you see God, and the way you think of God, limits what God can do for you.
So fill the blank.

To you “God is…….”
I AM………

Question from Marc Bope, the author.

How do you fill in the blank? Share your answer in a comment below.

Written by Marc Bope

Follower of Christ. Living in Adelaide South Australia. I love sharing my story and my experience through writing.

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  1. Marc, this is a very well thought out post and contains a lot of things I’ve never thought about. It actually helped put ME in perspective a bit!

    I’m going to ponder on your questions at the end a bit more. Thank you for sharing this today!

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