I Think Meeting Jesus is Like Getting Hit by A Semi-Truck

I’ve never met anyone who was hit by a semi-truck and lived to tell about it. I often compare the experience to meeting Jesus.

I Think Meeting Jesus is Like Getting Hit by A Semi-Truck

I’ve never met anyone who was hit by a semi-truck and lived to tell about it.

I don’t mean getting sideswiped on the interstate in your car kind of accident. Nothing involving your car and a semi-truck. What I mean is, I’ve never met someone who stood toe to toe with a semi-truck and lived.

Can you imagine the insanity of someone trying to convince you they were hit by a semi-truck as they stand in front of you a few minutes after the supposed accident? They say the semi-truck ran off the road and completely ran them over while they were walking on the street. They’re covered in dust and debris. Their clothes are messy but they have no broken bones, no emergency flight to a hospital, loss of limbs, or damage to their body.

It’s not possible, right? It’s beyond insane to think about it. You cannot encounter a semi-truck, head-on, without everything you’ve ever known changing.

I’ve also never met someone who had a true, genuine encounter with God who wasn’t completely wrecked after.

I was at a conference recently and heard an evangelist, Todd White, ask an amazing question.

He said to imagine you’re doused in gasoline and someone lights you on fire. How would you respond?

At that moment, would you care where you were? Would you care if it was a fancy restaurant, your child’s school, your job, in the middle of the street, or at home? Would you care who was with you or who saw you?

The obvious answer is, no.

If someone lit you on fire you would scream from the top of your lungs, drop to the ground and start rolling, hoping to put the fire out. No one would stand there, on fire, and respond according to their surroundings. No one would turn to another near them and say, “Excuse me, it’s incredibly hot and I am extremely uncomfortable. Would you mind lending a hand?

How could you?

Everyone who stands on the side of Jesus will tell you there is nothing greater than a relationship with him. We all can attest to those moments in worship where God meets us and we experienced things we have never felt before. Overcome with emotions and insight that couldn’t have come from anywhere else. We return to our seats, listen to a message and walk out the door, often as though nothing ever happened.

How could we?

We often read stories in the Bible of the disciples doing incredible miracles and find ourselves wishing we could do the same.

I want to see blind eyes open. I wish I could pray for someone and they get up and walk. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pray for a deaf person and their ears open? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could lead someone to Jesus?

We can. You can.

When the disciples met Jesus, they literally left everything to follow Him. They weren’t concerned with being normal. They weren’t concerned with their career or what they were going to eat. Having zero idea where they were going, where they would sleep, or what was going to happen, they just followed Jesus. Instantly their lives changed and there was no going back.

What would you say if I told you there are people in the world right now holding massive crusades around the world and seeing the miraculous? What if I told you in 2019 Jesus is still giving sight to the blind, noise to the deaf, and strength to the lame?

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These events aren’t led by men wanting fame or fortune. They are led by people who only want Jesus. Men and women who want nothing other than to see the encounter they’ve had passed on to others. They don’t care about Facebook when they wake up. They’re only concerned about the face of Jesus. When they eat, they’re only concerned about Jesus. When they sleep, they dream of Jesus.

Let’s be real for a second.

1. Do you desire to give a message on stage more than receiving a word in your closet?
2. Do you love hearing praises from God but need praises from men?
3. Do you sing about how God is all you need while telling your friends how much you hate your situation?

I promise you, if you get serious right now, close your eyes and ask Jesus to make Himself real to you, you will find more than you could ever dream. You will find more fulfillment than you knew possible, more love than you knew existed, and a depth that never ends.

I often tell people meeting Jesus is greater than anything I could ever explain. But if I could compare it to anything, I think I would say it’s kind of like being hit by a semi-truck.

Question from Sean Kernohan, the author.

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Written by Sean Kernohan

I am married and have a beautiful daughter. We live in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm a huge fan of wrestling, soccer and MMA. I am incredibly passionate about teaching and seeing people connect with God in a way they haven't before.

7 thoughts on “I Think Meeting Jesus is Like Getting Hit by A Semi-Truck

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  2. I’ve also never met someone who had a true, genuine encounter with God who wasn’t completely wrecked after.

    Thank you! I was wondering why it just seems to be me. Other WordPress bloggers write about trivial things — what they did and where they went during the week — and I’m always going through something.

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  5. The Lord engineers in those who are his times and events to be changed into his image, if it happened all at once, the shock would indeed kill us, or at least shake us up so bad it would take years to recover I think! No one in the Bible was completely transformed all at once, we are reborn, than we start to grow. This is also wear “the born again” doctrinal disputes begin, but it is my experience that it is a slow process to “become” the sons and daughters of God, simply because we love him and wish to be with him.

  6. I’ve been wrecked by the Holy Spirit moving in my life multiple times. Whether it’s driving down the road listening to worship music, watching tv and being reminded of Gods grace, at work counting my blessings, with my family knowing how blessed I am, or with my friends and being grateful for their companionship… I am touched by these very things and more. Great post Sean “I’ve also never met someone who had a true, genuine encounter with God who wasn’t completely wrecked after.”

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