I’m a Christian but I Don’t Feel Close to God Anymore

Have you found yourself asking the question, "I don't feel close to God anymore?" I know I have. But, it's not because God has left us. There are 3 main reasons that Christians feel this way and they probably aren't what you're thinking.

I’m a Christian but I Don’t feel Close to God Anymore

I’ve been a Christian for many years. During this time, I’ve been happily serving God at my local church and through outreaches in the city. I’ve read through the Bible a lot. But I don’t feel close to God anymore. Perhaps it’s just a season, but maybe not. What could it be?

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Do you share this feeling? Do you feel like you’ve drifted further from God this year? Perhaps you feel like He’s not around as He once was? That’s been my story in 2020. It’s been a rough year for my spiritual life. In 2019, I felt closer to God than I had ever felt before. But, almost as soon as the new year began, I started drifting away. The feeling of closeness began to dissipate.

How did this happen? Did God leave me?

He didn’t. But, I’ve moved away from Him more than I’ve realized. As I reflected on this reality, which is true for many people reading this today, I’ve come up with three ways we’ve moved further from God.

3 Reasons that Christians say, “I don’t feel close to God anymore.”

#1. We’ve embraced the culture.

I hear more people than ever before talking about politics. I’m part of this, and I love to write about politics. But, if we make that our priority, often it drives anger or frustration within us, which takes us further from God.

We also love Netflix. And, what’s not to love about it! But we have allowed these shows and movies we watch to consume us. It’s become a priority in our lives. Movies and shows are often the focal points of our conversations.

We love our lives on social media more than our real lives. It’s sad, but our highlight reel is often more important to us than our actual, messy, raw lives. Because of this, we all pull further from reality and deeper into a world of fantasy.

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The last part of our culture that we’ve embraced is busyness. (This is probably the one I’m most guilty of in my life.) We all have too much to do with not enough time to do it. But we love it. We’re caught up in the whirlwind of western society, which has been disguised as the American dream.

#2. We’ve become closed-minded.

I recently wrote a post about getting close to God. Sadly, many people spoke poorly of this post and roasted it on social media because of the preacher’s reputation that I referenced in the post.

The negative comments upset me because people missed the point. God can use anyone to speak to us, even if we don’t 100% agree with them. We need to be open-minded. We need to stop saying things like, “Oh, I don’t like this preacher or that preacher because of X…

Many of us are not open because we feel that we already know it all. We need to stop thinking this way and start walking in humility! Humility is necessary for growing closer to God.

#3. We don’t feel like we need God.

The feeling of not needing God is the big one. If we’re honest, we’ve allowed our comfortable lives to lead us instead of our righteous fear of God.

When it comes down to it, do we believe God is who He says He is? If I did, and I sincerely believed that God is in complete control of even my next breath, would I live differently?

Let me recap the three things we can do to start growing closer to God once again.

  • Pull yourself away from culture. Be less involved in heated politics. Commit to watching fewer shows. Look away from your phone more often; God has something better for you right in front of you.
  • Stay open-minded. God wants to teach you something through the people He places in your path every single day. Slow down, be quick to listen, and slow to speak.
  • Accept the simple, yet difficult to understand, revelation that you need God. Without Him, you are nothing. (Don’t just read these words and agree with them, change your life to reflect this truth!)

Ultimately, draw near to God, and he’ll draw near to you. (James 4:8) If you have found yourself saying, “I don’t feel close to God anymore.” Remember, it’s not God who has drifted away or turned his back to you. It’s you and me. God is always ready to take us back with open arms. It’s up to us to run to Him. I encourage you to begin making the necessary changes to start growing closer to God today.

Question from Alex Sanfilippo, the author.

In the last year, what has brought you closer to God? If you don't feel close to God, what do you think has caused you to drift away? Share your journey below!

Written by Alex Sanfilippo

My mission is to live a life honorable in every way to God my father. I am passionate about building disciples and strengthening the church. My daily goal is to be a positive influence on the people around me and to make the world a better place.

9 thoughts on “I’m a Christian but I Don’t Feel Close to God Anymore

  1. Thank you for this! Sometimes we think it’s everything but us. I’ve been in all three of those categories. Watching tv to the point of drifting “deeper into fantasy” and further from reality. I’ve been consumed with busyness. And most embarrassingly, I’ve been one of those people who says I don’t listen to that preacher. Until I understood Philippians 1: 15 – 18, “It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. The latter do so out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defence of the gospel. The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. “

  2. I said this exactly. I lost my mum my grandmother after each other 18 months ago and my baby daughter this year died twice and has now got kidney failure.

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  5. Thank you for being obedient when you wrote this blog. It is 5:57 AM, and I’ve been tossing and turning trying to figure out why I feel so angry, so alone, so rejected. And many of the points you spoke about were/are true. It is not God who leaves us, but us as his flock who replace him with worldly items. Netflix and dating have been my biggest distractions. I have consumed my life with building ungodly relationships, and watching Netflix shows to remember that I first need the ONE who CREATED ME. It’s easy for us to get angry with God, but when we take several steps back and remember his promises. For he will NEVER leave us or forsake us, but it is us (you, and I) whom leave him. Thank you Christ for leading me here, and thank you for listening to the voice of Christ to write this blog.

  6. #4 He’s not all He’s cracked up to be. Becoming the bride of Christ seems lovely, but you better read the fine print.
    #5 Realizing He’ll never leave or forsake you doesn’t matter to you. In fact, it’s infuriating to hear. If the One who is capable of saving, curing, helping (insert any generally kind verb here) and chooses NOT to, what good is He just standing around next to you?? If you’re not gonna help, just leave. Really.

    1. Amen. I’m tired of serving a God that doesn’t make sense. I’m a Christian & my life is hell.

    2. I said this exactly. I lost my mum my grandmother after each other 18 months ago and my baby daughter this year died twice and has now got kidney failure.

  7. It is so easy to drift from God when we replace prayer, fasting, and His word with anything. It can be Netflix or politics as you mentioned but it can anything we prioritize before him. Our career, a loved one, our phones and the list goes on. When we stop realizing we need him that’s when we start replacing Him. Great post.

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