“I’m pregnant, no one knows. I’m thinking of having an abortion.”

This is a story that I've not shared before. But, these words are brought back to my mind since learning about the new abortion law passed in New York.

I'm pregnant, no one knows. I'm thinking of having an abortion

These are words that were spoken to me a few years ago after a church service. I was serving in a room where people could get prayer. This young woman came up to me and said “I’m pregnant, no one knows. I’m thinking of having an abortion.” Inside I was freaking out a little bit… I had no idea how to respond to this woman. Thankfully the Holy Spirit stepped in and took over for me!

I asked the woman if I could pray with her, she said yes. I began to thank God for who he had made her to be and everything He has done and will do through her. Then I started to pray over her unborn baby. I was thanking God that He knew this child and already had a plan for his or her life. We prayed together for a few more minutes and then we parted ways. I have no idea what the outcome was.

Whether she kept the baby or not remains a mystery to me.

But I am so thankful that she trusted me. Even though we had never met, she felt comfortable enough to share those intimate details with me. I was the only one who knew! I am so thankful that God trusted me with her sorrow and pain and that I was allowed to pray for her and over her unborn baby.

The past few days have brought me back to this memory. I have been so disheartened about the new law in New York that allows women to have an abortion up to week 39 of their pregnancy. This news has rocked my world and reminded of how much WE ALL NEED JESUS!

I’ve seen Christians speak out about their belief’s in two very different ways.

First, the right way. I have seen so many Christians stand up for their anti-abortion beliefs in a righteous way. Christians have been signing petitions and posting biblical perspectives about abortion on social media. (Go you guys! Fight for what is right!)

Second, the wrong way. I have also seen some Christians tell everyone who follows them on social media that if they believe differently about this abortion law to unfriend them and never speak to them again. (This is 100% wrong!)

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While I can totally understand the anger, people feel when they learn about this new law in New York. I know we are all grieving over it, and anger is a part of that process. I’ve gone through the anger and hurt over it myself. This led me to think about how broken and lost someone would have to be to make a choice like this.

More importantly, I’ve thought about how I believe Jesus would act.

I know that Jesus would still be showing love to everyone he came into contact with (including his posts and comments on social media). And this makes me think about how I want to respond to anyone involved, whether they are the ones that have a hand in making this legal, they are the ones performing the abortions, or they are the ones deciding to get an abortion. I want to be someone who is accessible. Someone who they wouldn’t be afraid to come to and unload their burdens. I want my church, my home, and my family to be a place of peace comfort and acceptance.

If all of us “Christians” decide to respond in anything but LOVE, we are being hypocrites!

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” – John 8:7 (NIV)

We have all made mistakes and bad decisions!

What if you never felt comfortable enough to step foot into a church or speak to someone who you knew was a follower of Jesus because of some of your mistakes? What if no one was willing to talk to you or tell you about the healing and life-giving love of Jesus? I’m so thankful I found people and a church and more importantly a savior who loved me no matter where I had been or what I had done!

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be a person whose actions or words keep someone from coming to Jesus.

If you would like to learn a little more and see how you can put actions behind your pro-life beliefs visit Foster Florida (www.fosterflorida.org). For other states, please search for the best options in your area.

Here’s my big call to action. I’m asking that you, please sign the following petition to overturn New York’s new abortion law.


As Christians, it is our job to stand up for what is right. However, we have to do so in the right way. We are called to always operate out of a place of love and compassion for others.

Written by Alecia Sanfilippo

My Goal each day is to glorify God, love my husband and to positively impact everyone I come into contact with. One of my callings in life is to help people further their relationship with God and to make more disciples for the kingdom of God.

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