A Journey – Part 3: Relationship


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With every journey there’s discovery and struggle; but only on a journey with Jesus can relationship be found…  Expecting shambles upon my return home from my military deployment, I was fully prepared for my wife to agree to the divorce papers I had already started to compile.  However, what I witnessed upon my return was nothing short of a miracle…

She utterly and completely refused.

Even though she was looking at a horrible excuse for a husband, she saw something more in me and our marriage.  After hours of tears and talking, my beautiful wife sat me down and explained that she understood.

At that fact alone, I was beyond frustrated and confused because I didn’t understand a thing.  For well over a month now, I had bought every lie indicating I had failed her as a husband, as the father of our children, and all around as a man of faith.  My wife let me spew the anger and frustration with angelic patience and compassion.

When I finally gave it a rest, she joyfully informed me she had met Jesus while I was away.

I was floored.  I didn’t know what to say.  To this day, I remember standing there in the living room angry and frustrated while she sat there on the couch looking up at me with this most peaceful look in her eyes.

She told me how she stopped being angry at Him for our recent miscarriage and that she finally gave Jesus her heart and the lead role her life. She said she had felt His forgiveness and His loving embrace and she was now graciously extending those same items to me as her extremely flawed husband.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was speechless — and still am today.

You see, my wife was displaying the breathtaking portrait of Christ’s love on the Cross for each of us. Until this very moment in my life, I hadn’t fully understood the depths of our King’s love.  Jesus allowed me to hit rock bottom in 2013 in order to fully understand.  It’s when we come to the end of ourselves that Jesus can REALLY take the lead in our hearts.  My wife got that and through her showing me that, Jesus taught me the most important lesson there is.

The crazy part is Jesus knew EXACTLY what he was doing every  single step of the way…

I mean, come on, He saved my wife in the exact same month that I had given up on everything. Jesus knew she was going to pick up the pieces for us when we needed Him most.

Jesus saved my wife, He saved our marriage, and He saved me… He was faithful when I was faithless on this journey…

Since 2013, Jesus has been at the center of everyday in our lives. We owe it all to Him. He has brought my wife and I closer than ever before; while planting us in an encouraging community. He has brought our children to see Him at work and He’s brought Adam and I closer as Brothers. Jesus has even solidified my transition to a civilian career in Law Enforcement where He has turned up time and time again reminding me of His great love.

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In closing, it’s important to note it’s still not all butterflies, rainbows, and sunshine… The Christian walk will NEVER be that — that is until we walk onto the streets of Heaven. We still continue to struggle with finances, relationships, illness, etc; but Jesus and His sovereignty remains unchanged. We must continue to pray, read, study, worship, and commune with one another each day.  The Christian walk is about battling the flesh in a relentless forward motion and receiving Grace upon Grace.

Just remember: Jesus is all. He always has been and always will be. When we are faithless (no matter where we are in our journey), He is faithful and guiding us home.

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  1. I really enjoyed following this 3 part series. It’s great to hear some of these stories from your life! Thanks for sharing the journey with us. It’s been an encouragement to me personally.

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