Keep Your Head Up: A Story About Unleashing Creativity in Your Life

Did you know that spending quality time with God allows creativity to supernaturally unfold in your life? Here's what this means for us...

Keep Your Head Up: A Story About Unleashing Creativity in Your Life

A realist would say: having your head in the clouds is a bad thing; it’s endless, unrealistic thoughts. Managers would say “ain’t nobody got time for that.” The artist would say that’s just the way my brain works.

Maladaptive daydreaming” (having your head in the clouds 24/7), can cause time to pass, and nothing gets done. Interacting with others is replaced consciously by fantasy. So yeah, there could be a problem with that. Conversely, when you use time management, having your head in the clouds is good. Medical Daily states “By having multiple simultaneous thoughts, your brain is strengthening your mental work space — the more mental work-space you have, the stronger your ability to mentally juggle more than one task (1).” More specifically, when artists are at play, their heads are in the clouds because they are doing so much at one time.

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More so, nothing would be made without our heads being in the clouds: Scientist, Engineers, Lawyers, and even Politicians, could not start ideas from nothing to create with. Head in the clouds are thoughts, even though they seem aimless. A wandering mind means you have more working memory storage, which is just what creators’ need (Elder and Paul 6).

The reason we own a car, bed, clothes, a computer to check, is because someone designed them… All stemming from clouds, or free-form thoughts. With all these great thoughts using our natural minds, imagine if looking through glasses allowed you to see creativity. Then imagine if it gave you an ability to immediately create possibilities. It’s amazing, because the Lord wears these glasses. Our prayer life, can give us the same vision.

God is always in the clouds, the heavenly clouds.

He goes from one thought to the next. We gain strength from that and worship.  For example, we start to enter a head full of clouds and feel His presence. A presence where God Almighty is in heaven, fighting for us – with blood, sweat, and love.  In this presence, we start to realize that God loves us, He’s with us no matter what, because our heads are filled with His love – that’s the best clouds anyone could ask for!

Then, Monday rolls around. Tuesday comes just as fast. Wednesday just happens. Reality hits, you know the rest. So much is going on during the week, so it’s tough to find time with our Creator.

Imagine, if we take time to schedule for our spiritual head to be in the clouds, joy, peace, and direction is available. I know it’s a bit much, but that can range from 15 minutes to an hour: just a routine is fine. The great part is, the more time we spend with God, we always get that time back.

It’s as if God says … “REMIX!”

It’s beautiful, having your head in the clouds is the essence of creativity, but escaping the natural eye and having your head in the spiritual clouds with your Creator is unimaginable. When you do this, God himself will prove that He can share His glasses I spoke of earlier with you. He enables us to see clearly, removing our worldly vision.

As Dr. Richard Paul wrote, in The Thinkers Guide to Critical and Creative Thinking, “When thinking takes on a challenging task, the mind must come alive, ready itself for intellectual labor, engage the intellect in some form of work upon some intellectual object (2012).” The mind is a beautiful object, and time with our creator will be followed by one answered prayer there, joy here, or guidance there.

The more time we spend with God, the more He’ll supply what’s missing, and supply what we truly need.

Maybe it’s healing over a loss, maybe you need direction, and with the glasses the Lord wears, He’ll help our vision. People wear glasses when they cannot see what’s in front of them. Jesus changes our vision to 20/20 – keep your head up!

Question from Trinity Story, the author.

What are you doing today to keep your head up?

Written by Trinity Story

I am an artist, developing my craft of writing, music, and daily trust. I rely on art, grit, and God to get through life and believe in the power of positivity. Always have hope.

3 thoughts on “Keep Your Head Up: A Story About Unleashing Creativity in Your Life

  1. Beautiful reminder that creativity is in our DNA. We are made in the likeness of the Creator. As we spend more time with the Creator, we become more creative. Thank you for this. Great post!

  2. Love this post! Creativity has been needed more than ever in my life with my latest project. This is a great reminder that my inspiration and direction should come from God.

    Today I’m keeping my head up knowing that I’m following God’s will for my life!

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