let freedom ring

FREEDOM – “the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint, out of bondage.”

We live in what is known as the greatest country in the world… The world’s “Super Power”: The United States of America. We began as refugees fighting to break the bondage from England’s hold. By sacrificing lives for FREEDOM for this new land of America. Then we even fought each other for the freedom of our new brothers and sisters who had been brought from Africa as slaves by sacrificing lives for FREEDOM. We saw the holocaust and stepped in, we were attacked on our own land at pearl harbor and ground zero; so we FOUGHT! Sacrificing lives for FREEDOM!

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America was Free! America was Strong! America was the leader in morality! America was UNITED! Throughout history, what made our country continue on was FREEDOM, STRENGTH, MORALITY, and UNITY.

However, are we still the greatest country in the world? Our nation was founded on Christian beliefs. The “Freedom” of the United states of America is a christian understanding of what freedom truly is. A freedom that resides within us and is so powerful that it radiates out of us and into our actions and care; ultimately throughout our land.


You see, God is the one who brought freedom to this world. He sent it to heal, to love and to save. That Freedom is Jesus Christ and without Him, freedom doesn’t exist. A country without Him can’t exist in true freedom.

Looking at how things are in our society and in our world, its easy to say “I can’t do anything to help whats going on.” Oh! But my friend! Do you remember a young orphaned Jewish girl who was an exile in a pagan land? Her name was Esther and like her, “YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

Don’t be ashamed to share Your walk with Christ! Don’t be ashamed to share His love even with those society would say is the least of them. Don’t be Ashamed or Afraid of your faith. Always remember freedom rings through people. It’s not something that can exist without it being given to us.

You and I were born during this time for a reason and if we can UNITE our Spirits together, FREE ourselves from internal bondage through Christ, make MORAL choices pleasing to God, walk in His STRENGTH and share the Good News, we can start a revival for our Country that will eventually trickle into the world.

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Always remember: God is never late, seldom early, but He is always on time and what He loves most to do is come in at a time where things seem IMPOSSIBLE and make them POSSIBLE in and through little broken US!

Thank you to all of you who serve in our military, for NEVER letting anything stop you from believing in Freedom and for wanting it to keep going so badly that you sacrifice your life for it. As long as we can believe in it, receive it, and fight for it. Freedom will never stop ringing; with God its an eternal promise…


Dear Heavenly Father,
I uplift this great nation to You. I pray that You begin to strengthen your people, unite us together in spirit and in hope. Use the least of us to lead the most of us so we can truly help this world experience the ultimate freedom in You. There are a lot of horrible things happening right now, so remind us You are still working when we may not see it. If there are people afraid to share their faith in You, give them confidence knowing Who is on their side and ultimately let them know that You don’t send any of us anywhere without first preparing the way. Start a revival in our hearts that is so powerful that it exudes out of us and into others. Thank you for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Thank you for Freedom in You and in our Country. In Your Son’s holy name and Strength do I pray these things, Amen.”

Written by Kristy Simpson

I am a Christian wife, daughter, entrepreneur and friend partnering with others to fight the good fight to grow God's kingdom and change the world 1 life at a time. My desire is to lead others to truly understand the abundant life God has called us to, and to teach the importance of the renewing of your mind and forgiveness. I have an incredible husband who teaches me daily in the beautiful art of faith and often times inspires me to write. My passion is for this generation of God's disciples, because I believe we are the ones who can make a difference!

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