The Power of Living like Christ – Example Inside

The Power of Living like Christ

My favorite radio station to listen to at work is Air1.  If you haven’t tried them out I highly recommend them.  Anyways, I was listen to the station through IHeart radio and there was song that came on that I couldn’t remember the name of.  So instead of letting it bother me all day I jumped onto the Air1 website to see what it was (it was Courage by Social Club Misfits btw) and came across a story/picture that blew me away.

The picture below was taken at a Dutch Bros Coffee somewhere in the Western US.  At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on in this picture, but after I read the caption I learned that these employees were praying for the lady in the drive through.  Which touched my heart, but after learning why they were praying for her it inspired me even more to live a Christ like life.

Read the caption from Barbara Danner’s Facebook page that explains what was going on;

“Snapped this picture while waiting in line at the Dutch Bros on 138th Avenue today. Turns out the young lady in line ahead of us lost her 37-year-old husband last night. When the DB guys & gals noticed she was falling apart, they stopped everything and prayed with her for several minutes, invited her to come back for prayer and support, as well as anything else that she might need. Prayers for the young family, and you know where to stop for coffee!”

Wow….let what just happen soak in for a minute.  When was the last time you stopped everything you were doing to pray for someone?  I’m not talking about telling someone you will pray for them.  I’m talking about stopping everything you are doing, laying a hand on them, and praying with a heavy heart over and for that person in that very moment.

I’ve been guilty of giving the infamous “I’ll pray for you” gesture only to forget about it 5 seconds later, but this picture is a great reminder of what I’m/we are missing out on by giving prayer lip service.  Our main purpose on this earth isn’t to make money and doing everything we can to make our lives as comfortable as possible.  Instead we are called to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  How different would the world look if even 25% of those empty “I’ll pray for you” comments were actually followed through on?

We as Christians need to step up our game and follow the lead of these employees at Dutch Bros.  They didn’t care about profits, average wait time, or political correctness.  All they cared about was healing this widow’s broken heart/spirit through the power of Prayer and the Holy Spirit.  Something we all need to do a little more of.

I know I’m stepping on toes and pointing fingers right now, but just understand that I’m pointing one finger at you and 4 back at me.  I’m by no means perfect at this and I need to work on this just as much if not more than anyone else.  However the Holy Spirit lit a fire under me to get back to the basics of earnestly praying.  We all need a swift kick in the butt from time to time, do we not?

If you need prayer for anything please, please, please contact us here at Paradigm Shift. Myself or one of the members of the team WILL sit down and pray for you and your needs, I personally guarantee it.

Psalms 145:18 The LORD is near to all them that call on him, to all that call on him in truth.

Luke 6:12 And it came to pass in those days, that he (Jesus) went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

Written by Garrett Thompson

Joshua 1:9 - I’ve commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go. (CEV)

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  1. Awesome stuff, Garrett! It’s amazing how quickly God responds to these simple acts of love and obedience when we step out like this!

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