Life Summarized in One Blog Post: Live, Love, and Learn

When we were young, our perspective on life was far different. Over time we learn concepts such as live, love and learn. As we grow we have experiences.

Life Summarized in One Blog Post Live, Love, and Learn

Our views when we were younger were quite simple and very raw back then. We looked at everything with less drama. All is good. We dreamed of a myriad things. Imagined our self of becoming anything we want. Yes, we dreamed of a thousand beautiful dreams.  We were passionate and so eager, patient and determined. Live, love and learn becomes something we grow to experience. Where we’ve been so busy in hitting our goal sometimes along the way we failed. Stumbled and picked our self up.

Celebrated small victories, and mourned over disappointments. We had the best and not-so-good days. We’ve been over the moon and we cried a river of tears too.

Experience is the best teacher.

We’ve managed to spread our wings. Braved the storms and danced in the rain. Turned out to be a sweet, gentle soul yet braver and stronger.

Now, that we are more mature and learned about waiting, trusting, and timing. No matter how we push our self harder in doing things we love and getting all things done at our own pace and time. Still, God has a perfect timing for everything. Slowly, we learned the meaning of a complete surrender with peace in heart, and to let go of things we have no control over.

Learning to trust the divine timing is the best lesson that life is teaching us day by day. True enough, waiting plays a vital role in the process of honing our character. And if somebody would ask me: Is falling in love the best part of being alive?  Oh, it’s a resounding yes would be my answer. I started to grip in the idea that love is like:

A box of sweet chocolates or a bouquet of lovely flowers. Something that would put butterflies in our tummy.  A walk in the park or a bed of roses.  And cloud nine of feelings.

I could not agree more with everyone’s most favorite line.

Love is the most beautiful thing one can ever feel. And it’s absolutely true and perfect. Love is what makes a person smile for no reason. Wakes someone up in the middle of the night and makes him/her think of many happy thoughts.

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Daydreaming becomes a favorite thing of one who is head over heels in love with someone. We are all out when it comes to giving our heart. Dating, getting married and having a child; some reached the finish line like holding each other’s hands till their last breath. While some separated ways, God has His own way and purpose for everything. Little did we know that love could hurt, break, and make us.

Nothing is certain in this world.

We savor the joy of being in love. Experience and tasted the pain and heartbreaks of separation.  And eventually, we realized our worth and self-identity.

We start loving our self more and always find our way back to the source. No doubt on these lines I’ve read a few days ago: Your relationship with God is more important than anything. You know for sure that is the relationship that will last forever. To live, love and learn with God is always perfect.

Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God. Ephesians 5:2 NLT

In this journey so-called life, we have to experience all sort of things and feel all the emotions.  Good and bad. The laughter and tears. The joy and sadness. Success and failures. Love and heartaches.

We are molded and perfected by trials. We gradually grow in wisdom over time. Each one of us here on earth is a work-in-progress. Enjoy the ride. Savor every moment. Appreciate the important people in our life and every person we meet. Live life to the fullest potential.

God is the author. He is the writer of our story. He is the potter and maker.

We are here for only a borrowed time. Life is beautiful and indeed full of learning opportunities.  We must be an eternal student in the school of life. So live, love, learn.

Question from Wilma Hernandez, the author.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much are you enjoying the life you live?

Written by Wilma Hernandez

I am a child of God. I love life. I am passionate in writing about love and life. I'd like to be a ray of sunshine to others. I believe life is such a beautiful journey that needs to be told through beautifully written words.

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