Living a God First Life in the Military [Podcast Interview]

Listen in on Alex's conversation with an active member of the US Navy in regards to living a God first life in the military. Don't miss this insightful interview in our Memorial Day special!

Living a God First Life in the Military

This episode of the Paradigm Shift Podcast is being released a week early. We wanted this interview, with an active member of the US Navy to be available to everyone on Memorial Day. Listen while Alex Sanfilippo interviews Parker Thompson about living a God first life in the military.

Living a God First Life in the Military:

Question #1: What is the current culture of the military?

It’s diverse. People from all over the world to serve in our military. There is a sense of camaraderie and patriotism. From a religious perspective it is very diverse. You have Christians and Muslims together in the same place. Everyone is welcome, there isn’t really any discrimination between religious believes and people are respectful.

Question #2: Is it difficult to stand firm in your faith?

If you’re trying to stand firm in your faith alone, it’s not that difficult. But ,if you’re trying to fit in, then it’s very difficult. But, that’s not what anyone should try to be doing. You walk as an example. Be firm in your faith.

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Question #3: Do people look at you differently because you’re a Christian in the military?

The people I’m closest with will ask me more about my faith and personal life. But in general, people in the military are more macho and don’t get past face value. So, I just try to show people by the way I carry myself.

Question #4: What are some practical things that have helped you?

The new people get picked on a lot. I exercise a sense of forgiveness to gain influence with them. I’ve had many people ask my questions that they wouldn’t ask anyone else in the military because of the way I’ve treated them.

Piratical ways to stay strong in your Christian faith:

  • Get involved in a local church.
  • Get involved in the church small groups/community.
  • Find like-minded community within the military or place of work.

Question #5: What does your relationship with God look like when you are out of your normal element?

It’s an opportunity to reflect on the fact that you live your life the same way no matter what your surroundings are like. People often hit a low point when on deployment. It gives me a chance to step in and impact their lives.

Question #6: Any final thoughts? (Both for military members and civilian)

Regardless of where you are, military or civilian, stay firm with who you are. Don’t become a product of your environment. You know who you are, you know who you are in Christ. Stay true.

Special thanks to all who have served and are currently serving the USA. We hope that this was encouraging to those of you who are living a God first life in the military. Happy Memorial Day!

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