Loving Like Jesus When You’re Drop Dead Tired (Part 2)

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In this short series, we’re learning how to love the people around us, even when we’re drop-dead tired. Last time, we looked at Matthew 14:13-21, where the disciples showed us what not to do.

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This time, Jesus shows us four ways to love others well, even when it feels like we can’t.

4 Ways To Love Like Jesus When You’re Drop-Dead Tired

Love Sees Others And Cares

When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them.’ (Matthew 14:14) Their hurts become his, even though his tank is empty.  That’s Christ’s calling for us, too.

Love Does What It Can

Not only does Jesus see and care, he does something about it.  He ‘healed their sick’.  Although we are far more limited than Jesus, God simply asks us to do what we can. 

Love Seeks Others Out

Jesus not only allows the crowd to get close, but actively seeks them out.  ‘Bring them here to me.’ Imagine how great Jesus would look if we sought opportunities to serve others even when we ourselves are poured out!

Love Displays That, In God, There Is Always More Than Enough

At this point of the story, ten thousand people are still hungry (verse 21), and food is scarce (verse 17).  

The gap between what the disciples have, and what they need, causes a mini-meltdown for Jesus’ tired followers. When we take our eyes off of Jesus, the needs in front of us become larger than life.  That’s when our faith tanks and we get overwhelmed.

But Jesus knows that his Father is with him.  He calmly tells everyone to sit down, gives thanks and – just like that – ten thousand people are miraculously fed and satisfied.  (With leftovers!)  

Obviously, it doesn’t always go smoothly like that ‘if we just have faith’.  

But we can trust Jesus to provide what we truly need.  Even when it seems impossible.  When we remember that, we’ll see how Jesus wants to involve us in meeting others’ needs instead of freaking out.

Your Turn To Love Like Jesus

In my first post, channeling the disciples, I told the story of coming home tired from work and avoiding my son.  Not my best moment.

Your circumstances are probably different from mine, but I know that you, too, have situations where you don’t feel up to giving to the people around you.  

And yet, as we’ve seen, Jesus is more than enough to help even when it hurts.  This is the good, cross-shaped life Jesus calls us to.

What if I had remembered that when I arrived home exhausted that day?  It’s not like engaging my son would have magically become easy, but with Jesus’ help it was definitely possible.

It’s definitely possible for you, too.  Now matter how hard it seems, Jesus can help you love the people around you even when you’re drop-dead tired.

My prayer is that these closing application questions will help you take the next steps in your own journey to love others like Jesus does.

  1. Think of a common situation in your life where you’re called to love others, but feel like you’re too tired to do it.  What makes it hard?
  2. How would Jesus’ example begin to change the way you handle that situation?  Take a moment to envision that, and pray for God’s help.


Written by Bryan Stoudt

My passion is helping other followers of Jesus connect their faith with their everyday lives. I focus (mainly) on dating, marriage and personal growth. God has given me a beautiful wife, Sharon, and together we have four children. In my free time, I enjoy roasting my own coffee, running and writing at bryanstoudt.com and other sites, including Desiring God.

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  2. Great post! It’s so hard to love like Jesus, but I’m thankful for the example he sets for us. He always gives us the strength we need to follow His will. Thank you for the reminder!

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