Never Trust Magic Shop Magicians


I guess reality just wasn’t enough for me as a kid. I was always looking for some type of trick that made me believe the unbelievable. Whether it was someone on a motorcycle doing back flips, or some guy in a beat up ford pinto jumping 15 buses at 90 mph.

But, most of all, I like magic.

So, I was naturally drawn to this creepy guy in a magic shop.  He had a pot belly and a comb-over performing some cheap magic trick for a dozen other kids. He may not have been the John Stamos of the magic world. That doesn’t matter, that guy could make an Ace of Spades float in thin air smoother than Christian Laettner drains 3’s. While watching this guy work his literal magic I couldn’t help but to think that I could do it just as well.

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Of course, a short five minutes later I was walking (strutting may be the more appropriate term) out of that magic shop. With a receipt in one hand with the box holding the secret to the floating card trick in the other. I was the man! Until I got home and to find no magic at all in the box; just some simple fishing line and a phony playing card. There wasn’t actual magic in that box after all.

It was all a lie. I was being deceived from the beginning. I believed every bit of it until I found out the truth.

This is also true throughout our lives, and most of the time, day in and day out. The lies of the enemy are deceiving us in order to throw us off track from our walk with Christ. Satan uses lies in order for us to believe that we aren’t good enough. He uses lies like, we’re not smart enough. We can never measure up. And the big one, we can never be forgiven for the bad things in our past.

These lies and deceptions shouldn’t come to us as a surprise. Revelation 12:9 describes Satan as the one “who leads the whole world astray”, yet we continue to believe the lies that we are fed…until we find truth.

Because we have a redeemer, a savior, in Jesus we are able to see the truth.  The truth through all of the deception and lies that are thrown at us. As believers we have a stronghold in Christ.  It has already conquered the lies with truth through having a relationship with Him.

We are no longer bound by sin (Romans 6). We are no longer condemned (Romans 8), and our hope is not in this world but in Christ.

Therefore moving forward we have to remember 3 things:

  1. Never trust magic shop magicians.
  2. Satan is out to destroy us, and deception is his favorite tool.
  3. The greatest way to defeat deception and lies is through truth that comes in understanding God’s word and knowing His son.

Ephesians 6:11 – “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take our stand against the devil’s schemes.”

[Editor’s Note: We are republishing this article to add value to our newer readers.]

Written by Grayson Oliver

"My heart is confident in you, oh God. No wonder I can sing your praises with all my heart." - Psalm 108:1

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  1. “He may not have been the John Stamos of the magic world, but that guy could make an Ace of Spades float in thin air smoother than Christian Laettner drains 3’s.”


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