Do You Have Misplaced Confidence?

Confidence is often found in our individual abilities. But, I've learned that we'll let ourselves down. Our Conference needs to be found in something greater.

Do You Have Misplaced Confidence

Would you consider yourself a confident individual? If yes, why do you consider yourself confident? What are the attributes or qualities you believe make you a confident person? If no, why don’t you consider yourself confident? What do you believe you lack that makes you unfit for confidence?

Me, I consider myself a confident girl, but sometimes I can be overly confident in myself, which in turn can get me into trouble. Being confident or having confidence in yourself is not a bad thing. Confidence is a beautiful attribute to have. However, as good as it is to one’s self-esteem, too much confidence without a balance of placement can affect your self-esteem rather than help it.

I have come to find out through my personal experiences that having the confidence or the lack of is not the problem. The issue with confidence is the misplacement of it.

What or who does your confidence come from?

Are you confident solely in yourself? In your strengths and abilities? Or even in your accomplishments? Or maybe you’re confident in someone else? Perhaps in your boyfriend, husband or friend?

Rather than being confident only in yourself, in others, or your abilities, we need to be confident in who God says He is, in His faithfulness.

I graduated with my Master’s degree. Upon graduation and having completed one of my most challenging goals, I felt overly confident to go into the world and begin my career. I was placing my confidence in my resume, in my accomplishments, in my expensive degree, and in my own confidence as a young twenty-something millennial.

Shortly after graduating, I applied to several career opportunities and did not receive any offers. I found myself so discouraged and like all my hard work was a waste. My discouragement came as a result of misplaced confidence. I lost sight of God and his promises of provision. I was depending on my own strength and accomplishments instead of being confident in God and his promises.

When we misplace our confidence in things rather than in God, we become prone to discouragement and hurt.

We can fall prey to the negative thoughts the devil uses to his advantage. If you are reading this blog and know you have misplaced your confidence, I want you to know it is not too late to balance it. Likewise, if you don’t have confidence in anything, not in yourself and not even in God, you are not far from obtaining that much-needed confidence in God.

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I highly encourage you to begin seeing yourself the way God sees you. It may take a while, but as long as you’re trying your best and making progress is all that matters. Don’t give up and don’t you quit! Making progress in your thought pattern is a small victory leading to a much bigger achievement.

Honestly, as long as you are confident in who God says he is despite your feelings and circumstances, you will have peace that God’s got you, and you have nothing to worry about. In due time, as you continue to be confident in God and not in yourself or anything else, he will bless you beyond anything you could ever ask or imagine.

Take time to listen to the song Confident by Steffany Gretzinger. Be encouraged and regain your peace by placing your confidence in God alone.

You are destined for greatness!

Question from Crystal Castillo, the author.

Where have you placed your confidence?

Written by Crystal Castillo

I am a simple girl with a heart and strong passion to see people embrace their journey by knowing their identity in Christ.

3 thoughts on “Do You Have Misplaced Confidence?

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  2. Great post! I have lacked confidence for most of my life, but it all changed when I realised that the weaknesses I magnified in my head were a way for me to see God’s greatness. I easily realise when things go well, that it’s not me. When I am weak, He is strong. My confidence is in the greatness of God.

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