Mommy, Swing with Me

“Mommy, Swing with Me” is a very simple principle that God has taught me. Enter His rest instead of running full speed through life.

“Mommy, Swing with me”

How well I remember a summer day, long ago, when my children were ages 7 and 4.

We were at a park in Washington State, and I can still see myself juggling my purse, snacks, half a bottle of soda, car keys, and who knows what else.

We pulled up in the parking lot and my daughter ran full-blast toward the playground. “Carolee wait!” I hollered, cringing as I saw a car pull into the parking lot.

My mom-brain was also running full-blast, eager to protect her from things like, well, cars that might drive too fast in the parking lot.

I was and am, a committed Christian, taking my children to church every week, praying with them at night, trying to keep my husband happy, shopping on a budget, striving to become more virtuous, and reading books about how to organize my closet more efficiently.

I was attending bible studies, working part-time, and trying to have healthy meals on the table, and remember everyone’s birthday on time. In other words, I was striving to do it all, and do it well.

I remember well I had a friend who said to me; “We have to strive to enter the Kingdom of God.” She was a go-getter, and new to Christianity like I was, at the time. She had leadership qualities, so I looked up to her but I’m not sure she noticed Hebrews 4 which says, “Enter my rest.”

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So, on that great summer day, now so far away in my mind, I saw nothing wrong with what I was doing, which was, in my opinion, being responsible and on top of things.

I really thought if I rested, I was slacking, or not striving to “enter in” To the Kingdom. Goodness, talk about misunderstanding one word! (and how it can mess us up!)

I’m a Grandma now, and I’ve learned how to rest. I can sit and smile, look at the smudged faces of my grandchildren, and delight in every word they say without worrying they will grow up to be horrible people.

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This is not all because of my age, however. A few years ago, the Spirit of God arrested me, and reminded me of that day. “You only have memories of stress”, He said, “and now that day is gone forever.It is gone. I can still see my kids playing, and having fun, but I remember I did not have fun that day, and “come on mommy, swing with us” fell on deaf ears. I can never retrieve that day.

Take it from an old war horse Christian and grandma; I can honestly tell you, there is nothing so urgent that you can’t take a few minutes to swing with your children.

You will treasure those memories one day. Take time to rest! And swing with your children.

Written by Laura Grace

Laura is a wife, Mom and Grandma who lives in Central Montana. She has a passion to see people set free to be all they can be in Jesus, and is continually praying and sharing messages about Growing in Grace and the knowledge of Her Lord Jesus. She has published several books, including Grace To the Rescue, Grace to Grow, and Grace to Soar.

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