My Real Life Example of “It’s a God Thing”

The words "It's a God thing" can apply to all of our lives at times. My personal, "It's a God thing" moment happened when I lost my job...

It's a God Thing

I remember driving to work in the usual morning traffic, listening to my typical morning radio station, Moody Radio, expecting a usual day. Over the air came a heartfelt plea to please pray for the release of a pastor, Andrew Brunson, who was being held by Turkish authorities. This man was in that country to share His love and was not politically motivated at all. Let alone was he guilty of the crimes he was being accused of.

The day was, in fact, usual. My tasks lay ahead of me like the normal mountain I climbed daily. Sometimes I had to camp out on the slopes until the next day. Sometimes I just rolled the tasks over the top of the mountain only to pick them up again the following day. Lunchtime offered relief in the form of a lovely walk in the Florida sunshine. A light breeze cooled me down as I embraced the calming effect of the Hillsborough River, along which I took my usual daily lunchtime stroll.

Tick tock. Only two more hours to freedom and to spend time on my own life. What a magnificent thought that was.

15 minutes before the end of my working day, my usual flow was interrupted. The supervisor informed me that my services were being terminated with immediate effect. This was my last day with that company. Stoically packing up the trinkets I had decorated my cube with over the last five years I looked for co-workers to say goodbye to, but a flex-time schedule had left only two of those to greet.

There are moments in life that my daughter and I have come to describe by saying, “It’s a God thing.

Driving out of the parking garage one final time I handed my free parking pass to my supervisor. The radio in my car was still on Moody radio. The announcer said, “Pastor Andrew Brunson has been released from prison. He is expected at the White House on Saturday after having a physical in Germany.

At that moment God reminded me that He is good ALL the time.

My heart filled with joy at the thought of the physical battle won. But, more importantly, the spiritual victory gained over the Evil one. To walk each day in the light of eternity is not always easy. But, focusing on things of spiritual instead of material importance makes every day, no matter the circumstance, another day in paradise.

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When life sends us lemons, it is not always to make lemonade. The rest of my drive home was filled with praise for our Father for His hand in Andrew Brunson’s life and in mine. It was not the first time He used awful earthly circumstance to remind me who is in control. Releasing me from a job that was causing me so much stress that my health was suffering was indeed, “a God thing,” and I praised Him and praise Him now.

Question from Deborah-Kay Flagg, the author.

Do you have an example of “It’s a God Thing” in your own life? Share it below!

Written by Deborah-Kay Flagg

Falling in love with Jesus took me 46 years to understand although I attended my first worship services when I was 3 weeks old. That day I finally understood it is only His blood that is strong enough to break the shackles of Satan and my life changed forever. He is Lord of Everything. What does leave out? Nothing. Now my passion in life is to write and speak especially to fellow sisters about Fighting the Unseen. Watch out for my book!

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  1. Thanks for this post.
    Proverbs 3:6
    In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

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