No One Lives Forever – You’re Going to Miss Them When They Are Gone.

The people in our lives deserve to hear and know that we love them, and we appreciate them dearly. Nobody lives forever here on this earth.

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There is never a set appropriate time to remind ourselves that earth is only a transitional place. No one will live forever. Earth is a place we are passing by and we are only here for a small promenade. There is somewhere we belong, a place we will call home. Therefore, we are here on earth just for some time.  With courage, let us address the elephant in the room: Nobody lives forever here on earth! Let that sink in.  Alright, now we’ve established that foundation, let’s move on to our main point. 

Have you been paying attention?

Not sure if you have been paying attention but if you would recall a recent funeral you attended or a memorial in honor of someone you know or love. Maybe on social media, you would have noticed people paying tributes and showing their respect to the deceased. 

The question for you is, have you ever stopped and noticed that when someone passes away, other people often have nicer things to say about that person? Has it ever crossed your mind that very often we only remember and share the good thoughts about someone when they are dead?

There is a ceremonial process carried out at every funeral and memorial, traditionally known as ‘Eulogy’. An eulogical speech highlights the goodness of the person. Praising who they were as a person and celebrating the good memories because despite their flaws, overall the good overshadows the bad. 

No one lives forever

But here is a profound question to get you thinking: Why do we often praise people only when they are gone? 

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Why do we often wait until they are dead and then share those epiphanies about them? All around the world, we often hear people say things like “I miss them” or “I wish they were here.” But we knew they wouldn’t live forever, so why wait to tell them?

  • Why wait until they are not there anymore? 
  • Why wait until they can’t hear it? 

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe they can’t hear all the good things you have to say about them?

A Legend

On January 26, 2020, the world lost Koby Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players in the history of basketball all around the world. It was a great tragedy. No matter who you are, what sport you support, or even if you don’t support basketball at all, this tragic news impacted you in one way or another. It ignited all sorts of emotions down in us. This tragic and sudden death taught each one of us a lesson or two.

The one hidden lesson we often take for granted is “Appreciation.” 

The whole world rose to the occurrence to show how much they loved Kobe. Everyone shared great epiphanies they had with Kobe. Great archived stories we have never heard. Incredible stories were depicting such a great man Kobe was.  Shed tears.

In the midst of all of this, you could barely smell any criticism, or barely hear a whisper about anything Kobe did wrong.  All the criticism you would hear or read about Kobe’s selfishness was gone. All the videos of him bullying his teammates in practice didn’t come up.

Many despised the “Mamba mentality” labelled it as selfish. People spend their careers criticizing Kobe, and some gained followers on social media for merely attacking Kobe. However, after his death, the table turned. We all got to learn about such a great man Kobe was on and off the basketball court. 

Many came out to share their memories about Kobe. Even those who knew very little about him were willing to share their stories with the world. The media praised him, and put respect on his name. 

What is important?

The point is, when Kobe was alive, the world collectively did not come out to share their appreciation, but it was when he was gone we realized what we lost. Here is the final question for you now. Whom in your life deserves to hear that you love them and you appreciate them?  

Please don’t wait until they are gone. 

The people in our lives deserve to hear and know that we love them, and we appreciate them dearly. 

  • That very person you don’t get along with
  • That one colleague, you can’t stand each other
  • That cousin, you despise

Has it ever occurred to you that you both won’t live forever and you both will not own the things you are fighting for forever? Life is useless, but good memories are priceless. 

Love people when you can still see them. Encourage others. Show your appreciation over the little or the big. Share love with others. Tell them you love them, and you appreciate them.

Question from Marc Bope, the author.

How can you love the people in your life in a greater way today?

Written by Marc Bope

Follower of Christ. Living in Adelaide South Australia. I love sharing my story and my experience through writing.

8 thoughts on “No One Lives Forever – You’re Going to Miss Them When They Are Gone.

  1. For me, loving those in my life better happens when I can remember that one, Jesus died for them, just like he died for me. And two, remembering that may be the only positive impact on their lives that day.

  2. Very great insight Marc, especially the example of THE LEGEND Koby Bryant #23.
    He was my favourite baller and a great human being too.

    Love your work Marc, keep it up 🙂

  3. Such an interesting topic, yes appreciating and showing love to one another is very important even though it’s hard sometimes. Well done son.

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