No Second Chances In this Game [Having a Life Vision For Yourself]

There is no second chance in life. Living purposefully is key. I've found that having a life vision for yourself helps keep you on track. Here's mine...

Having a Life Vision

Death is not something most people often reflect on. But doing so provides us an opportunity to think of how we want our life to be summed up at the very end. Being able to articulate this forms what I’ll call Having a life Vision.

“It’s appointed to man to die once and after that comes judgment” – Hebrews 9:27

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on this? Have you pondered how you would want your life summed up? I have recently and I have come to realize that coming to terms with a life vision makes you question how you invest your time, money, energy, and talents daily.

It’s so easy to forget at times that our whole life is the sum of our days. So the choices and investments we make daily all add up. Having a life vision shapes your values (what you value) and causes you to reevaluate how you prioritize your time and resources.

My life vision is:  “To Enjoy God and His many blessings (in Christ Jesus) and to help others do the same (with the help of the Holy Spirit).”

Having this picture helps me filter how I invest my life, time, and resources daily. It makes me question the choices I make, on if they take me closer or further away from this picture.

My suggestion here is not to sit back and develop some cool, eloquent nice-sounding mission or vision statement. In fact, I would discourage you from rushing to write anything down. This is more about evaluating what really should matter most in life, especially if God is at the center. Besides, this should align with His word.

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It took me almost a year to articulate how I would want my life summed up while prayerfully considering it. Articulating it did make it tangible for me. Also, out of this statement came what I call my guiding life principles or core values. Hopefully, I can share more on that when next I write.

Question from Sho, the author.

You have just one go at life, how would you like it summed up when it's all said and done?

Written by Sho

My life pursuit is to experience God as my divine satisfaction, enjoy His many blessings and help others do the same with the help of the Holy Spirit. I’m passionate about my family and enjoy music, technology and college sports in my past time.

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