What path are you on?


We all end up somewhere… Deep, right? We are all on a path in life. And not all paths lead somewhere that we want to go. Different paths could lead us anywhere:

Life or death
Debt or stewardship
Addiction or temperance
Vice or virtue
Perversity or purity
Obesity or health
Prison or freedom
Honor or love
Heaven or hell
This list could go on and on…

What path are you on?

Many of us never lift our eyes from the reactionary, merry-go-round of life to play the movie forward and see where our path leads. But that doesn’t mean the path we are on isn’t headed somewhere. If you get on I-95 north from Jacksonville, it’s impossible to reach Miami. Such it is with your actions and habits in life. And yet the Scriptures teach us another way.

The God of the Universe, in His Mercy, has shown us how to live, in every area of life. And as we bring our will, in every area of life, in line with His Will through surrender, our paths shall lead to Everlasting Life. But not only that, it will give us a more abundant life here on Earth than we could ever imagine.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.” – Proverbs 3:6

In all your ways acknowledge Him – To “acknowledge” here doesn’t mean “I’d like to give a shout out to my coach and my parents for their support.” It means to recognize who God is, The Eternal Lord of All and respond accordingly. Are we as a church, as a family and as an individual, acknowledging God in all our ways? We love Jesus and do our best to love others and are even faithful in showing up to church every Sunday. But are we acknowledging God in our dating ways, our marriage ways, our finance ways, our professional ways, our morality ways, our family and child raising ways?  It goes beyond just our Sunday ways, which can be our religion ways. Are we acknowledging Jesus in our whole lives? He wants all of all of us, you know.

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He will make straight your paths.  This is a bold practical promise on the faith and providence of God. But there is a little twist. Some translations say “and he will make your paths straight” But that doesn’t quite say it.  That seems to connote something a little different. It is not as though if you lean on God trust in Him with all your heart, and acknowledge Him in all you ways, you get to do whatever you want, and He will make everything workout for you, go smoothly, or there be no bumps in the road. This translation communicates it just a little better.  “and He will make straight your paths” seems to say that He will show you the paths you are to take so that your paths will always be straight. He will show you the path that leads to Life. Your paths will be made straight because in all the areas of our lives that matter we will take not the path we want, or that this world beckons us to, but we will choose the paths that our Heavenly Father is calling us to take.

Jesus said it this way: “Seek first The Kingdom of God and all else shall be given unto you.” – Matthew 6:33

To end I have 3 questions for us all to meditate on:
— Why do I hesitate to give God full access to every part of my life?
— What do I fear will happen on the other side of that decision?
— What is the best thing that could happen if I gave God my whole life?

Written by Joshua Delp

Follower of Jesus, encourager, and seeker of Truth. Currently residing in Sydney Australia pursuing Pastoral Leadership as a student at Hillsong International Leadership College.

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