Do my political views line up with the political views of Jesus?

political views of jesus

The political views of the American people; this is a very controversial topic right now! Before you continue reading, please know that the intent of this post is not to create controversy or push votes toward a certain candidate. I have been studying the candidates and comparing their political views to biblical principles. As a Christian, I believe this is what we should all be doing when deciding who to vote for. I am simply sharing what I have learned.

As mentioned in my previous post, (Would Jesus vote in this presidential election? And should I?) I believe that Jesus would vote. As Christians/Americans we should do the same. However, more important than would Jesus vote is How Jesus would vote…

Would Jesus’ political views cause Him to be affiliated with a certain party?

In the Bible, Joshua is faced by an angel. When Joshua asked this angel whose side he was on, the angel replied “Neither, I am the captain of the Lord’s Army.” (Joshua 5:13-14) For me, this is confirmation that Jesus is not concerned with being affiliated with a certain political party. (Acts 10:34) Instead, Jesus would vote based on political views lining up with biblical principles.

Would Jesus’ political views cause Him to vote for a “perfect” candidate? 

Jesus was full of wisdom and was purposeful/effective in all He did. In John 6:12 Jesus says, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” Jesus, in all of His wisdom, knew the importance of wasting nothing. I believe that Jesus would not waste His vote on a candidate that has no chance of winning. Jesus would do what counts and makes a difference; as He modeled throughout His life.

To make this very clear, I believe that Jesus would only vote for the Republican or Democratic candidate in this election; not the Libertarian or any other party or individual that is running. (Any 3rd party vote is a wasted vote in this pivotal point of our country future.)

Jesus would not search for a perfect candidate to vote for. He would find the person with the best chance of winning who stands closest with the principles found within God’s word; starting with His strongest beliefs. This leads into the most important part of this post…

What are Jesus’ political views on some of the core issues?

I am using the format from a popular Voter Guide. It’s an informative one page snapshot that explains each of the candidate’s stance on some of the major political issues. You can find this guide along with some additional details on this post: A Christian’s Perspective On The Presidential Election.

Here are what I believe to be Jesus’ top 4 major political issues that are being addressed in this election:

1. Abortion: Jesus Opposes
This is 100% the main thing that Jesus would be against. The devaluation of human life is non-negotiable. We were created in His image; He would never support this. (Genesis 1:26“Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness.”)

2. First Amendment Defense Act: Jesus Supports
Marriage was designed by God to be between one man and one woman and to be a reflection of His church. For this reason, Jesus would continue to support what He instituted.

3. Religious Liberty: Jesus Supports
This is not listed on the voter guide but is easy to research in Google. Personally, I find this to be the scariest political issue we are facing! The persecution that we see in other countries today, and that Jesus faced during His time, could be the USA if we remain oblivious to what is happening! Jesus would vote for the candidate who supports religious freedom. It is Jesus’ desire for us to worship Him freely. In fact, He died for us to have this freedom. He certainly would vote for us to continue being able to worship God.

4. Minimization of Federal Government Spending: Jesus Supports
This is also not listed on the voter guide. However, this country’s debt is a very real and important issue. The topic of ‘money’ is mentioned more than 800 times throughout the bible. Out of these 800 mentions, not once is debt referred to as being positive. Debt leads to bondage; which this country is already starting to see. Jesus ran His ministry debt free and had smart people managing His finances. He also encouraged others to pay back those that lent to them. I believe that Jesus would vote for someone who has a history of financial responsibility.

After going over these 4 core political issues, I will be the first to say that there is no perfect candidate. Also, in regards to the character of those with a true chance of being our next president, there isn’t an excellent choice. However, Jesus would vote based on the principles found in God’s word, before looking at the candidate’s personality. I believe that the 4 issues above are some of the most important issues to Jesus. As His followers, it should be important to us as well.

As Christians we are called to vote based on biblical principles, not emotionally on how a candidate makes us feel. Click to Tweet

My prayer is that this post encourages unity and humility within the body of Christ in the USA. My prayer is that we unify together during this time with our prayers and votes. Also that each of us would humbly focus on these core issues instead of allowing pride to cause us to vote based on how we feel or don’t feel about a particular candidate. (Voting biblically instead of emotionally.)

Written by Alex Sanfilippo

My mission is to live a life honorable in every way to God my father. I am passionate about building disciples and strengthening the church. My daily goal is to be a positive influence on the people around me and to make the world a better place.

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