Why You Should Stop Telling Yourself to Pray More

Why You Should Stop Telling Yourself to Pray More

Have you ever thought about your prayer life and found yourself telling yourself to pray more? I have more than I care to admit. Telling myself to pray more has never seemed to work.  Yet, I continually tell myself that I need to get on my knees, fold my hands, and say a few words. Out of duty, I have told myself I need to pray because that is what a Christian does. Out of selfish need, I have told myself to pray so God will change my circumstances for my good.

Why does this not work?

It doesn’t work because our prayers are a reflection of our heart. They are a reflection of how we view God the Father in light of our sin and unrighteousness. If we don’t think our sin to be immoral and deserving of judgment, then we won’t show our sincerest thankfulness and gratitude to God. He is the one who covered our judgment by His willingness to bear what should have been our Cross.

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If we believe we are separated from God a part from relationship with Jesus Christ, we will humble ourselves in reverence to our God; the only one who can save us from our separation and unite us as sons and daughters of the Most High. We should pray honest, from the heart prayers to God because we recognize our need for Him. We should pray out of delight for what He has done and whatever His future plans are for us. Let us pray that God answers our deepest needs according to His will and not our own.

When we forget to pray, a reminder will not fix that. It will only help us sputter some words out of lawful duty as opposed to lovely delight for God. May we fall to our knees and lift our voice to Him who willfully set aside His desires to meet our deepest desire; renewed relationship to Himself to save us from our sin.

Psalm 17:6 – I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.

Psalm 145:18 – The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

Written by Eric Nelson

I am a recipient of God's grace. I am married to my lovely wife Christina. I am a PE teacher to elementary students. I am a coach of football and baseball to middle school students. I write to hopefully encourage and inspire others in their walk with Christ.