Praying At The Peak

Praying At The Peak

We generally know to pray when we’re in desperate trouble or dire need in life. When things get real bad, it’s kind of automatic. But what do we do when we’re generally winning in life? When things are going perfectly and we’re walking in total blessing from peak to peak?

Zechariah 10:1: “Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime, it is the Lord who makes the storm clouds.”

I love this verse because it tells you to pray for rain in the SPRINGTIME. Spring, when you already expect the rain automatically and would consider it a sure thing. You know it’s coming so the temptation is to become complacent and not even give it thought. But Zechariah reminds us that it only comes because of God. And that even though it’s coming, we are to ask for it anyway and acknowledge God in it.

So when the going gets easy, what we’ve been praying for is coming true, or life is providing blessing, God wants us to remain humble and acknowledge that He is the source of your rain, and ask Him for His provision continually. In the valley and on the peak. Even when we have what seems like a sure-thing happening, God wants us to be humble and in a state of asking.

So enjoy your victory, be thankful for it, but already be praying with humility for the next one from God. He calls us to go from “glory to glory to glory” in Him as conquerors and to pray unceasingly, both in the hard parts of life and the easy. Because one sure way to stagnate your faith walk is to become satisfied and complacent on what you thought was a peak, when it was really just a foothill in God’s master plan for you.

Written by Jesse Hunter

Blessed to be married for five years to the most wonderful wife Jenna and father of two rambunctious toddlers. Passioniate about helping build stronger marriages, exposing false doctrine lovingly through study, and empowering the body of believers to be victorious throughout their walk in life.

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