Problems Create an Opportunity for Change

When you have gone through a storm, you recognize the strength you have from going through it.

problems create an opportunity for change

Problems create an opportunity for change. Life’s greatest opportunities come from the problems you face.

Uncertainty is a breeding ground for fear. Living in a world of uncertainty is worse than living in a world of bad news. With bad news, you know the outcome and can formulate a plan of action to move forward. When you live in uncertainty, you are living in the middle. We are in the middle of COVID-19. No one knows how long the virus will last, what the financial implications will be, nor what our future looks like.

Fear Comes From Uncertainties

Having a fear of heights, I would never choose to ride in a gondola. But, one day, I found myself inside of one heading up a Tennessee Mountain. During the entire journey up the mountain, I feared what might be. Every noise I heard, I attributed to the chain breaking. I thought for sure this would lead to my death. My fear caused me to miss the beauty of the journey.

Don’t let the beauty of this season pass you by. It is more important now than ever, to be intentional with your thoughts. Each day, you have the opportunity to celebrate little victories.

All that you do today creates the foundation for tomorrow. What might feel as insignificant is actually the groundwork for your future.

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Problems are a Wake-up Call for Change

Each problem is met with the other side, and on the other side, is the strength you have from going through it. Nobody enjoys problems, but when problems arise, you have the choice to run from it or face it. Problems create an opportunity for change.

One of my biggest wake-up calls was the day my husband told me he wanted out of our marriage. It was as though someone had taken the defibrillator paddles and awaken me to a new life. Hidden beneath our marital problems was the opportunity for change.

When you face problems, you must decide if you are going to run or if you are going to go through it. Your biggest breakthrough comes from your largest problems. Problems always create opportunities.

Opportunities are Found within Problems

The change our marriage needed was in the middle of all our problems. If we had chosen to run or avoid the problems, we would never have reached the other side. There is a beautiful strength that has unified us as we learned to work through the problems together.

We do not know what the future looks like after the virus. As the problem continues, we are seeing opportunities for change. Students are learning they can work online, employers are learning jobs can be completed from home, and people are finding benefits with grocery delivery. Yes, I do believe the future will be different, for the problems of COVID-19 will create future opportunities.

For those who are struggling with uncertainties, remember, if you must worry, worry about today and not about tomorrow’s problems (Matthew 6:34). As you go about your day, celebrate your victories, be intentional with your thoughts, and your actions. Remember, we will get through this, and we will be stronger on the other side.

Question from Chrissy Petraitis, the author.

What victories are you celebrating today?

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4 thoughts on “Problems Create an Opportunity for Change

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  2. Thank you for that reminder to to count our blessings. I’m celebrating being conscious of making small efforts to make our family life better.

  3. This was beautiful, and you are right. It is always through my greatest heartaches, difficulties, and tragedies that I gain the strength needed but also, the strength I always wanted. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your story.

  4. This post was perfect for me, Chrissy! I’m celebrating the small wins that I’ve had over the past week knowing that many small victories lead to larger ones. Thank you! 🙂

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