Marriage Oneness – Recap

Marriage Oneness - Recap

Here we are, our last and final marriage oneness post.  I hope over the course of the last 8 marriage oneness posts you and your spouse have not only drawn closer to each other but ultimately closer to God.  Which is what this is all about and what we, here at Paradigm Shift, pray for on a daily basis.  Let’s take a moment and perform a quick recap of the topics we covered;


  • Marriage Oneness – The Oneness Factor
    • Soul-level harmony of MIND: “Common Direction”
    • Soul-level harmony of HEART: “Emotional Connection”
    • Soul-level harmony of WILL: “Mutual Commitment”
  • Marriage Oneness – Conflict Resolution
    • Focus on one issue, not many.
    • Watch your anger level. If you get off to a bad start, call a do-over.
    • Practice give-and-take communication with a focus on listening and learning. True understanding is the essential ingredient to conflict resolution.
    • Attack the problem, not the person.
    • Learn to ask for and give forgiveness.
    • Seek resolution both of you can live with.
    • Always keep your eye on the prize: greater oneness between you, your spouse, and Christ.
  • Marriage Oneness – Money
    • Both of you must be committed to experience good money results.
      • Create a budget together.
      • When you need help or advice, be smart and ask for it!
    • Good money management will energize oneness in your marriage.
  • Marriage Oneness – Spiritual Beliefs
    • As a couple you should seek to know and understand the Bible.
    • Pray together.
    • Worship together.
    • Share your spiritual thoughts and experiences with each other.
  • Marriage Oneness – Sexual Intimacy
    • Sex is an essential part of marital oneness.
    • Sexual oneness is a life-long learning process.
    • Understand your differences.
      • Different sex drives.
      • Different arousals.
      • Different focus.
      • Different needs.
      • Different longings.
    • Wise moves you can make as a couple.
      • Communicate with one another.
      • Be safe in bed.
      • Affirm one another.
      • Keep growing sexually.
    • Sexual stumbling blocks.
      • Ignorance.
      • Selfishness.
      • Past relationships.
      • Pornography.
      • Pace of life.
  • Marriage Oneness – Roles and Responsibilities
    • The Bible speaks to complementary roles for husbands and wives to assume in marriage.
    • The husband’s role is one of leadership.
    • The wife’s role is one of support.
    • These roles work best in a marriage where both husband and wife are yielded to Jesus Christ.
  • Marriage Oneness – Friends and Family
    • Relationships around any marriage are of great importance.
    • In-laws and your marriage, the joy of extended family.
    • Children and your marriage, both blessing and stress.
    • Friends and your marriage, chose friends wisely.
    • The priority of your marriage over all other relationships.


Feel free to go back and re-read or discuss these topics with your spouse, even multiple times if that is what it takes.  We have to remember that we are battling evil forces that want to separate what God brought together.  Therefore, the enemy will do anything in his power to create havoc and chaos in your life and marriage.  Protect that sacred bond and fight for it every single day!  And in order to do that you will need to practice these topics, tips, and tricks, over and over again until you, your spouse, and God are so close that the enemy dare not come close.

As always Paradigm Shift is here to help.  Feel free to contact us about anything and if we can’t help you we will make sure we find someone who will!



Written by Garrett Thompson

Joshua 1:9 - I’ve commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go. (CEV)

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