Rest is a Weapon

Rest is a Weapon

I’ve been running 100 miles an hour for as long as I can remember. I came to a screeching halt a few weeks ago. I thought I was just having issues with my eyesight. But come to find out, I had a huge tumor that was filled with cysts on my pituitary gland ready to erupt. The surgery took place only a few days later and I would have a six week recovery. After those six weeks began the slow process of trying to figure out what my new normal looked like. You can say I was forced to rest.

“How do you rest?” I would ask myself.

There is just so much to do and so many people to help that this is just not going to work for me. I am supposed to be out there expanding the kingdom of God so being stuck in my house makes me feel weak and defeated.

Learning how to rest must come from Papa God. He is the only one who can teach us how to rest; for it is a daily decision. Anything that is not peaceful, is not rest and it is vital that we stay in a state of rest. Disobedience prevents rest. We can try to take on too much or even things that are not our responsibility. Rest is key in renewal. So how different would we look and be if we stayed in that state?

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Something that I have learned in this is that God always has an agenda in resting. He does not ask us to rest without a significant purpose. Sometimes we may know what that purpose is and other times we may not, but we have to remember that He is the King of the Universe so He knows what He is doing. We can’t trust the Lord and be anxious at the same time for that is not rest. With rest, there is no trust issue.

God only operates out of a state of rest.

He is always at peace. We are called to be Christ-like, meaning little Christ so we should be guarding our rest and guarding our peace so it is not taking from us for it is imperative to life. You will find confidence in rest.

I want to be the kind of person that faith rises when I enter the room because Jesus is so alive in me that I exude who He is effortlessly. This faith comes from rest. It comes from thanking Him before you go to bed, asking Him for dreams and being excited not stressed when you wake up that next day. This comes from knowing that Papa God is the best dad in the world and He wants the impossible for us.

I challenge you to rest; whatever this looks like in your life. It is not easy, trust me, I am still walking through it as we speak. The fruit of learning rest has already been life changing and it is preparing me for the impossible because “all my life circumstances have to come with favor because I am in Christ” according to Graham Cooke. It is okay to not know what rest looks like, for I did not either.

We are daughters and sons of the Most High King and all He wants us to do is ask because rest is a weapon and He is longing to give this to us.

Written by Stephanie Hodges

In 2008, the Lord rescued me from a traumatic road that I was on of destruction. Since then He has allowed me to know Him and walk with Him on an intimate level in which I never knew existed. Jesus dying on the cross was enough for me so I will go to the ends of the earth to share about how gracious and loving my Heavenly Father is.

4 thoughts on “Rest is a Weapon

  1. This is a great CHALLENGING post for me… Rest is my worst subject. However, I’ve gotten much better at it over the past year. This perspective has really helped me a lot over the last week. THANK YOU for sharing, Stephanie!

  2. Taking things slow and truly learning that resting is something we must do to preserve ourselves takes true self-discipline. Great read!!

    “Disobedience prevents rest. We can try to take on too much or even things that are not our responsibility.”

    Like you wrote, it’s hard to often feel accomplished unless my schedule is overbooked and I’m rushing from one place to another. But I’ve learned that I cannot give 100% of myself if I’m constantly cutting off 10% to worry about the next thing. Learning to say no is a healthy boundary that definitely comes with practice. Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. This part was awesome;

    “I want to be the kind of person that faith rises when I enter the room because Jesus is so alive in me that I exude who He is effortlessly.”

    Between your post and Danny’s post from last week, I feel like God is really calling us/me to take time to rest and refocus on him!

    Thanks for this Stephanie.

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