Doubting the Resurrection


For those of us who chosen to follow Jesus, the journey takes us through so many twists and turns. As we seek to live the life we are called to live, we face the day-to-day struggles everybody else does. Thankfully we live for a hope that takes our gaze higher than the ups and downs of our days.

But what happens when you doubt the resurrection?

Have you ever found yourself reading the scriptures or hearing a preacher preach and be caught with the thought, “That sounds great, but I’m not even sure if I believe it.”

This happened to me on Easter Sunday last year. As I got up to read the resurrection accounts, I was hoping to have my faith in the risen Savior stirred. Suddenly, I found myself caught off guard with thoughts of doubt. “Why wasn’t there more evidence in the Scriptures?” How could I think such things? This is central to our faith! For if Christ was not raised then we are all still dead in our sins. (1 Corinthians 15:17)

I am thankful we serve a God that is big enough to handle our theological doubts.

As I walked through this little spiritual desert, I continued to read scriptures and ended up reading the letter to the Colossians. In Colossians 2:6 Paul writes to his readers, “Just as you received the Lord continue to live your lives in Him…” I began to think about how I came to the Lord. About how God woke me up out of my bed and led me to church. How He radically transformed my life and led me through one impossible and unhealthy situation; from strength to strength.

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I was reminded how I did nothing but respond to what a mighty and loving God did. How He has always been leading me to know this Jesus better. Though I wandered astray so many times, this mighty God, whom I cannot deny His Hand in my life, has brought me to the Church ushered into existence by this man Jesus of Nazareth, in fact the resurrected Jesus Christ.

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I choose to stand my life on the name of Jesus. Come what may, He has shown Himself so faithful through the years. He will never leave us nor forsake us. I couldn’t leave if I wanted to. Could you? To where would we go? As the Psalmist says, “To where could I go that you would not be there?” Only He has the words of eternal life. There is no other Name.

If you struggle with doubt, just know you look less like the devil and more like the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection.

May the God of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, bless you with the fullness of knowledge and understanding of the fullness of Christ. May you be filled with faith, free from doubt, sin, and shame, and free of all fetters to walk boldly into new life in the light of the Resurrection!

Written by Joshua Delp

Follower of Jesus, encourager, and seeker of Truth. Currently residing in Sydney Australia pursuing Pastoral Leadership as a student at Hillsong International Leadership College.

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